Need a new scent ;] Any recommendations for a mature 21-year-old?

  1. So I'm a mature 21-year-old looking for a fun new fragrance -- it can be a recommendation for something great to throw on, or wear in the office. I'm open to your thoughts!

    Some Background:
    I'm an avid lover of fragrances, proponent of having a signature scent, and looove to smell things. I like scents that are softly floral/floral, fresh, fruity, light, and not musky/vanilla-y. Since I fully believe in having a signature scent, I only wear fragrances that speak to me -- I know, sounds weird, but maybe one of you knows what I mean.

    My favorite scents:
    • Carolina Herrera 212 on Ice (2004) - love the soft floral, lends the wearer a slight mysteriousness
    • DKNY Be Delicious (Green Apple) - My Go-To Daily Scent. The DF loooves this. I love how it's fruity and fun.
    • Stella McCartney Sheer Stella (2007) - My newest addition, it was actually the bottle that won me over, but I do like to wear this when I'm not feeling like being so bold w/Be Delicious.
    • Stila Jade Blossom - Don't wear this one much, only when I'm tired of all the others. Don't mind it, though, it's different from the others (I feel).
    I've tried D&G Light Blue (nice, but didn't really strike me), Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret (Too musky/heavy for me, and it's an Oriental).

    Any thoughts on:

    - Gucci Eau de Parfum II
    - Vera Wang
    - L by Gwen Steffani

    So please, share your recommendations, what's it composed of (if you know), and how it makes you feel when you smell it...
  2. I've been wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy for a couple of weeks now and I love it so much! I get compliments on it daily at work as well! It's a beautiful scent!
  3. You would probably like Gucci Envy Me. You have the same taste in perfumes that one of my friend does. Also go smell Bulgari Rose and Versace Bright Crystal.
  4. Hmmm, try Vera Wang Princess...a lot less bold than some of your other choices, but you might like it!
  5. Rock n Rose by Valentino maybe? It's floral but not overly floral; almost romantic..
  6. Two of my favorite that you absolutley can't go wrong with are Euphoria by calvin klein and coco mademoiselle by chanel, they are great for going from day to night!!
  7. i second the marc jacobs daisy suggestion-you seem to have similar taste in perfumes as me, and it's my absolute favorite! or ferragamo's incanto shine is also lovely as well.
  8. I absolutely love Vera Wang "Princess". It is my new favourite.

    I also really like Clinique "Happy".
  9. I have simular taste to yours and right now i'm on a YSL Babydoll kick, i absolutely love it! Also, i agree with a few that have already been posted- Versace Bright Crystal & Valentino RocknRose are definitely quite nice! (although Bright Crystal was a little too light imo, but still wonderful.. just wish it was a tad stronger)

    L by Gwen Stefani i liked a lot but it didn't quite connect with me as you mentioned above :smile:
  10. I received a sample of the new Missoni perfume and loved it.
    It's a very fresh/light scent so definitely give it a try.
  11. I am hooked on Jo Malone. I love the lime blossom and orange blossom. Her other scents are great and you can layer them too. What I find strange is I have received more compliments from wearing these scents. I can just wear the body lotion and it smells wonderful. People always ask me what I am wearing because it smells so good. My little daughter always tells me I smell great. I don't like overpowering perfume scents. You should try to get some samples of her scents next time you are shopping.
  12. You'll like Gucci Envy (or is it envy 2?)'s in the pink bottle. I love it. I love the Stella McCartney original fragrance. I think it's so damn sexy, I turn myself on when i wear!! LOL. I don't know if that was too much info...sorry!! :graucho::shame:
  13. Nectarine Blossom and Honey from Jo Malone is absolutely yummy -- light and fresh but you can layer scents with it to get different moods. :biggrin:
  14. I recently smelled the new Fendi Palazzo, and based on how you describe your preference, you might like it. It's floral/fruity, but not too light, and definitely scrumptious!
  15. I have pretty much the same taste in perfumes as you do. These are the ones currently on my fragrance rotation:

    -Stella by Stella McCartney. It really is, as another poster said, extremely sexy!! Don't let the initial notes drive you away (they're musky); the drydown (true roses), is awesome!!

    - Gucci Envy Me. It's a true floral with lots of staying power, very fresh and happy. I can't recall, but I believe there's peony and pink grapefruit as main notes.

    - Versace Bright Crystal. This is usually my daily perfume for work ('cause I don't have to dress up much for it). Basically similar notes to Gucci's, but this feels a little more one-dimensional and flat. It's still nice, though.

    - Gap's So Pink. This scent goes back a looong time, but it's still one of my favourites. I can smell roses, peonies, freesia, and grapefruit. Awesome!! I only wish they still made the lotion.. This is my favoritest scent of all times.