Need a NEW saks SA!! Help!!

  1. Ok, I normally worked with Joseph at in NY, but as we all know hes gone now.... well at BG's.

    So doesanyone recommed a Saks SA, that would most likely give a discount or tax free shipping for a j12?

    I want to get the watch from Saks during the egc event.


    How much will Saks give me if I'm buying a 5000.00 watch?

    I need as much info as possible.... Ladies help me!
  2. all saks will ship tax free if you buy out of state. i don't know any SA who will give a discount willy nilly. as for nice SAs in general, i like damian in bala cynwyd.
  3. Yep..I use Damian too...he is at 1-610-667-1550 ext 258
  4. Call Gloria/Saks Fine Jewelry Dept./Troy Michigan
  5. Thanks, Also does anyone know how much I would get on a EGC if I spend 5,000?
  6. 450
  7. Thats it?! Hahaha.

    I was hoping for 1000.00!
    Oh well.... Thank you. :smile:
  8. 450 is the max in one store
  9. Another vote for Damian - he's the best! Bala-Cynwyd.
  10. Sorry to butt into your post, but kicksarefortwids:
    Is that true, even if I have a Saks in my state? I always thought that tax would be charged since there's a brick and mortar store here. But I've also never gotten anything >1500K shipped to me.


  11. Wait-Joseph left Saks, when, wasn't he there two weeks ago??? He's at BG?
  12. lol, I was going to say Damian too but didn't have his number on me yesterday......
  13. Do you think Damian will give discounts for the j12?
  14. I must be missing out - never experienced a discount just for buying . .
  15. My vote is for Endo! He rules!!