need a new little bag!

  1. girls I'm looking for a new black small handbag, but, for the first timr in my life, I have no idea of which one I can me!!
    (not like this, obviously, but I would like the size to be similar to this.....the handles can be also shorter!!)
  2. Diorissimo Pochette ? There are all black versions.. just not on elux it seems.

  3. What about a Fendi baguette?
  4. the black Prada nylon? idk about nylon though
  5. What's your price range?
  6. I happen to think Coach makes adorable small bags.
  7. This Gucci bag is adorable.
  8. Check Hermes, they always have cute bags :biggrin:
  9. I second that! That Gucci is really cute and classic looking.
  10. thanks for all your replies!!Bella1 I have the same bag but in the classic FF monogram with a red handle....I don't have a precise price range, I'm just looking for somethig I reaaly like!!Ayla, isn't the Diorissimo pochette a bit too big!??!Kat I saw the bag you posted in person and I thought it was a big too big...I mean:I would like to use my new bag as an everyday bag but, if I need, also as an evening bag!I'm REALLY tiny(...and short...),that's why I think its big!!