Need a new hairbrush for my long and thick hair

  1. Does anybody have any recommendations for me? My hair is over shoulder length and very thick. It's also kinda wavy if I let it dry naturally.

    I've already looked at a couple of brushed and especially liked an Fekkai brush (which probably was due to the fact that a Fekkai SA kept hunting me down to tell me how amazing that thing is :lol:), so before I make that decision I wanted to have a look at other alternatives.

    I had a look through posts and it seems that the only names that regularly pop up on the beauty board regarding hairbrushes are either Fekkai or Mason Pearson (which I yet have to find in store)

    Thans for all your input! :flowers:
  2. I am in too. Your hair sounds just like mine!
  3. I have hair very similar to yours. I use a ceramic paddle brush from Ulta. I think the brand is Jilbere, but I'm not sure. It's great for straightening and blowdrying, because it's flat and it can do large sections at a time. The bristles have ceramic balls on the end to glide through the hair without snagging. The ceramic supposedly helps it dry faster too, but its hard to tell because I have a really good dryer.
  4. I have a paddle brush with boar bristles that I got at Mother's Market (a local store that is similar to whole foods). This type of brush (I believe Mason Pearson also makes one) is great for straightening when you dry your hair. I recommend Mason Pearson if you can find it; maybe you could check online?
  5. I think Mason Pearson is a good investment especially if you have long and thick hair which requires extra care and attention.
    I have one and I love it. I think that Saks stores carry them and you could probably pick one up for 20% off during F&F in 2 weeks.
  6. I think Mason Pearson, it will be :yes: .... my hair dresser told me that he could order them for me (I'm in Germany, btw, so no Saks for me :crybaby:)

    Which one exactly are you guys using? Only boar bristles, mix of boar and nylon or only nylon? The Mason Pearson homepage recommends the only nylon one for thick hair, but I think I'd like a mixed one better :shame:
  7. I've been considering a Mason Pearson brush as well and initially was going to go with the boar bristles only... but after reading some reviews it seems that most people prefer the combination boar and nylon

    Tough decision

    I currently use a Denman which has served me well, but I've always wanted a Mason Pearson