Need a new daily bag.. Small, leather, <$35

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  1. I need a small day to day bag.. and I'd like it to be made out of durable leather, be under 35 dollars, and have a long skinny strap. I think it should be a dark color, maybe black or grey, and be big enough to fit my moleskin and a wallet. That's really all I carry on a day when I don't carry anything.

    I looked for used bags on, and I came across an old, faded Bonnie Cashin era coach bag made in NYC for 22 dollars. I am concerned about the fading but I think I could live with it if I knew it was durable (how much does it cost to redye a small bag? maybe when I get more $$) It's one of those old Coach ones with the turnlock. I used to have an awesome deflated football bag from French Connection until someone broke into my car and out it went. I want something really everyday, but not banal.

    I'd like to hear some other options, maybe places to look and designers to look for.

    Any insights?
  2. No takers?

    Perhaps the whole under 35 thing is not so.. alluring and grandiose. Definitely not a money splasher, but I have a few large thick leather totes for around that price, so I'm set on it. Plus, my french connection bag was that much.
  3. I wouldn't be too concerned about the fading. Some leather moisturizer may work wonders on it. Maybe you should check the coach forum. I read on one thread where someone washed and moisturized an old coach leather purse and it looked great. Also, you can try ebay for some of the older coach and dooney & burke bags. Some people have gotten them for really low prices and they've been in good condition. Good luck!
  4. Coach, Dooney.. I'll keep my eyes out for those. Any other bags that might be selling cheap vintage with good materials on them?
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  6. Have you thought about looking at local consignment shops- maybe a high-end one in your area or even just a regular one. I have been in some where they don't know what they are selling so they underprice them. I don't know where you are located, but in new york there are smaller shops/stalls that have awesome bags that don't cost much. Check out stores like Banana, Gap, etc because they are having such big sales right now and I know their bags were discounted heavily.
  7. I would try a thrift store, you can get some good deals there. I've gotten some really nice bags at them before, a little leather cleaner and conditioner can do wonders.
  8. Do you have a TJ maxx or Marshalls in your area? They have all kinds of really cute bags for around your price range.

    You can also try ebay or bonanzle. You can on occasion, if you stalk ebay, find some newer bags good prices too. I just won an all black leather Coach lunch/gallery tote with patent leather trim for $41 shipped on ebay. I snagged it late at night. Someone tried to outbid me at the last minute but, I ended up winning anyway!

    This seller seems to have quite a few really nice looking Coach for right around your price range ( not my listings )...

    You may also want to check any consignment shops you have near you.

    I'm sure you will find something that is perfect for you!

  9. wilson leather has great real leather handbag at ur price. otherwise, ill check ebay..but i hard see any real leather bag for 35.00
  10. don't know...
  11. Try Dillard's or Macy's in their clearance section. The first brand that comes to my mind is Fossil. Dillard's is having an additional 30% off all sale items right now.
  12. at $35 unfortunately i think ud have to do a little sale + coupon shopping locally. even if u ebay it, i wouldnt trust that it would be leather at that price
  13. At $35, the quality of leather bag you get will probably not be very nice. There are definitely some in that range though. As others have said, hit up TJMaxx or Ross. They have plenty of good things. Maybe if you add another $10 to your budget you can get a new one instead of a used one?
  14. I think the thing is that I want something very utilitarian.. I'm no fan of frills and zippers and buckles and incrustations.. and for neutral colors. Some things I found that I've liked so far are things like this:

    Which is on ebay ($23 with 4 days to go.. would probably bid up to 35 lol)

    No idea about the brand which kinda worries me

    I miss my old bag :crybaby:
  15. Ninewest! you can find lovely bags at marshalls or ross for under 24.99 normally