Need a new camera SUGGESTIONS please!!!

  1. My sony camera that is just over a year old is not working right and I love taking pics but I have not really paid attention to what is good and what is I would love to hear from all of you what you have if you like it etc and price ranges...thanks in advance. I love this place not only is there support for our purse addiction there is help for everything else...
  2. I'm a huge fan of Cannon digital cameras. I've had 2 (I lost one earlier this year) and I've never had problems with any of them. My current camera is a Powershot 1000. I LOVE it! I got it on super super sale at Circuit City recently, which makes it even better!
  3. I got a Casio Exilim EX-S500 for my birthday and so far I love it! Its really thin and takes good pics.
  4. Another vote for canon - especially powershot. It also depends on how powerful and what functions you want. If you just want a portable point-and-shoot - a powershot might be your best bet. As for much more expensive slr's - I'm not the expert.
  5. I just got a new Sony Cybershot camera a week ago. This is my 3rd Sony. It is a W200 and takes 12 mega pixel pictures. I love this camera! Awesome quality!
  6. I strongly recommend Canon, they put top quality CCDs in their point and shoots. You'll get a better picture in low lighting, less noise and blur for camera shaking. I just got the Powershot SD870 IS for Christmas and couldn't be happier -- it's super small but with a large view screen. My friend is getting his wife the Powershot SD950 IS, which has a higher resolution and viewfinder (I decided I didn't need one since I'd rather have a smaller camera).

    The powershots have a continuous servo feature, which means that you can set the camera to keep snapping pictures as long as you hold down the shutter button. My cousin clued me into this, it's super for taking group shots and making sure you get at least one where everyone has their eyes open.
  7. i also echo cannon, i love them!
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I am going to look into the canon. The one I had was the sony cyber shot and frankly it was a big disappointment. I didn't find the pictures to be all that great and it broke so early (I am really careful with my stuff) I take really good care of all of my items so for it to break is crazy. They really do not make things like they used to lol did I say that...oh no I sound like my mother ;)
  9. Canon is the way to go. I just got the Canon PowerShotSD1000 for a few weeks, couple of family parties later I am really happy with this little one. Fits even in tight jeans pockets, and is quick to take pictures. Face recognition works really well, not flawless, but really amazing. And I got it at a pretty low deal price of $150 at
    I took about 300 shots so far and they are mostly great quality, some indoor pictures without the flash are a bit blurry, if you don't hold it steady.
    I think it's a great option, if you want a small and sexy yet very feature rich camera.
  10. I friggin hate Sony for their cameras. The pictures are really clear and all, but for some reason they are all distorted. What I mean is, the pictures of me NEVER look like me. They look an older, uglier version of me. Did the same with my sister and my friends. Every other camera that is not Sony, I look more like myself. For instance, on my sister's Fuji camera, we look more like ourselves. I would not recommend a Sony. They should just stick to music equipment.
  11. lol you know something I just compared a photo taken with my friends fuji and my sony of my fiance and he looks funny in the sony one too both taken at the same time. I am going for the canon powershot sd1000 it's on sale yay and is 7.1 which is a step up from the sony I had.

    Can't wait to try it out.
  12. I've had two Sony Cybershots and they do the job just fine. I'm not very tech-savvy though, so you might wanna look into everyone else's opinions, too.
  13. I got an Olympus 280 just recently,an its working out ok for me,I'm just a point and press person really so its quite easy to use and the pic quality is good too!!
  14. i vote for canon and sony.
    i am using a canon ixus75 now and i think that canon cameras gives very real colours.
    some digital camera makes pictures look cartoonish but i never had a problem with canon.
    i tried casio before and the effects were grainy , it was the exilim which i had.
    i've never used a sony before but had seen friends with it and after my canon, i would probably try a sony camera =)
  15. ps, there is one from canon, something with an 850 and its a very very good camera.
    it has built in stabilizer that really works and pictures taken at night are so much clearer.
    go for that =)