Need a New Black Pair - Can't Decide - Please Help!

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  1. So I need a new black pair to wear for various reasons - work, going out for drinks on weekends, etc. and every time I get close to pulling the trigger I always am way too indecisive. So, please assist!

    I initially was going to get the 100mm Demi You peep too d'orsay as I think it would be great all summer into fall. Then I have my suede pair for when it gets colder.

    Then I wondered if it was more advantageous to get Irizia, as that can be worn pretty much year-round.

    Then I saw the senora... a take on the peep toe, but a little sexier and fun, which I like a lot. However, I'm not sure how they would look for work.

    And THEN I saw the Guni Pump... studs, mesh, black edgy amazing heel that I totally fell in love with. Not the most practical to be worn at work or for work functions, but killer, amazing, and I would love them.

    What are everyone's thoughts?

    Also, I have a wider foot, so if the Irizia runs narrow that will eliminate that choice for me pretty easily.

    THANK YOU :biggrin:
  2. My choice would be the Senora. I think with the t-strap and ankle strap, they make the silhouette classic and feminine and suitable for work if you keep the rest of the outfit conservative. I also think they are versatile enough to be worn for different occasions, day and night, etc.

    My second choice would be the Guni for the reasons you have stated. If your work is more conservative and you are worried if they are appropriate, then I think they limit you to wearing them only outside of work.

    I like the Iriza and have a more medium-wide foot and they are okay. I prefer the Demi You in anything other than black, so I cannot really comment on it as a recommendation.
  3. Thank you!! I actually just discovered the "Cross Blake" while looking at shoes today, so now that's in the mix. You bring up great points!!
  4. You have good taste. The Iriza and Demi are beautiful but I had trouble keeping the Iriza on my heels because of the cutaway on the side (I need to try with heel inserts). The Senora is beautiful and classic if you get them in nude or black (preferably non-patent). I don't think the Cross Blake is flattering. The Guni is a little trashy.