1. Please help - I work in a formal environment and I need a smart work bag. I wear mostly black. Thinking either of these. I don't want a really heavy bag - are the new Bays slightly lighter? OR Should I go for classic black? Thank you x s-l200 (1).jpg s-l200.jpg
  2. I have been looking for the same thing from Mulberry, too, for work in a formal office. I have decided on a small zipped Bayswater in Oak. I think black, navy, or brown are the best colors for a formal office. I have read in these forums that they are lighter than the original model but I do not know by how much. I was hoping they might be included in a sale, but I guess not. I would pick the new Bayswater model, to be more fashion forward and get some of the newer features of the bag. The top bag you have pictured looks too casual for a work bag in my opinion.
  3. Oh really>! I had not thought of the camden as casual but I am veering towards the bays, actually. Do you think the chocolate would look good with black outfits??
  4. How about the Bayswater tote? Haven't tried one, but as far as I know doesn't seem like a heavy bag!
  5. Hi! I am also looking for a work bag. I decided to buy the New Bayswater in black. At least here in Canada, this model has two colours on sale. I really like the new one! :smile:
  6. Out of these two I prefer the Bayswater. They can get quite heavy though, at least with suede lining. I suppose the new Bays is lighter.
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