Need a mini-break... HELP!

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  1. Hi guys... My husband and I haven't taken a vacation since 2007 September and we REALLY REALLY need a mini vacation. Here is the stats... We are located in NYC and would like to go somewhere outside of the country but at the same time relatively close to us. All-inclusive resort is def cool with us, but we just really want to be doing NOTHING but laying around... For two nights coz we would be DYING to come back to see our son!

    We appreciate any suggestions! :ty:
  2. Why not pop over to Ireland and stay in a bed and breakfast for 2 nights? It is freezing cold there right now though..
  3. Urg... We just came back from there for Christmas... Hubby's from there, so na.. want somewhere warm and sunny...
  4. go to Aruba or the BAHAMAS....i just went to Atlantis in DEC...Im going for my birthday weekend in March to Renaissance Hotel in Aruba and CANT WAIT!its adults only and has a PRIVATE ISLAND!all u do is eat and drink and lay is AMAZING!!

    My buddy Ann and i got a KILLER deal for Aruba too and its a NICE hotel...look at Expedia..i got a great deal there
  5. Jumby Bay in the Carribean
  6. HOw about Atlantis, Bahamas or maybe some of the european islands?
  7. i looked into aruba in the beg of jan and it wasnt that warm. id suggest looking into turks and caicos, the weather there is almost always perfect, and its a short flight, so a 2-3nighter is easy to do without loosing 2 days in travel
  8. Oh wow ladies thank you so much for all the suggestions!

    We are doing Europe later, hubby promised me if he got laid off we will go spend the summer in Paris... He needs to unwind too!

    So I'll go check Atlantis, turks and caicos, and Jumby Bay! Anywhere that have all inclusive? I kinda like paying everything up front and don't need to worry about it kind of attitude... We don't mind how expensive it is (well, not THAT expensive kwim?) We really haven't been anywhere for two years....

    Thanks ladies. Would you please let me know if you have any more additional suggestions?

  9. aruba is always warm!!!ive been there in Jan..-its 80-90 degrees!LOL!
  10. ITA with Jill, if your looking for warmth the more southern islands are warmer now, Aruba is always hot and sunny
  11. Hi! I just wanted to ask you about the deal you got to Aruba- BF and I have flight credits that we have to use soon so I was looking at Aruba but I couldnt find anything cheap. Do you mind telling me what hotel you're going to and what kind of deal you got? Thanks so much!:yes:
  12. I know its not out of the country...but for two days who wants to travel that far and spend most of it traveling! Why not Key west! There are LOVELY places to stay here that are ocean front, pool side, and staff at hand....if you need ideas please let me know...(I live here) The weather is lovely right now as well.
  13. When I was in Jumby bay last it was all inclusive. i have to think that most of the carribean places are since it is so appreciated by travelers.
  14. Check out Half Moon Bay Resort in Jamaica..... it was top freakin' notch and you absolutely won't be disappointed!!! Aside from the tip we gave our housekeeper and butlers (we were in a big house) we didn't spend a penny.
  15. maybe it was a weird week. literally turned out to be a vaca that we booked on a tuesday and left that friday lol. we wound up in vegas and it was 37deg there :smile: