Need a LV Vernis Wallet

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  1. Im after an LV Vernis Wallet... but the ones i keep seeing dont have much room for credit cards.. and i need A LOT of card space.... can anyone suggest a few that arent too big and have loads of credit card compartments as well as a note compartment and preferably a roomy coin compartment as well... :smile:
  2. I'd say either a Koala in vernis or a ludlow in vernis. I find the koala a bit too bulky for me (besides the fact that I can get a bag for that $), so I just bought a ludlow and loves it. Let me see if I have a picture in my photobucket. :smile: You'll be surprised by how much a ludlow can store.
  3. both are too small.... need something a size bigger... 3 credit card slots is so not enough for me :sad:
  4. Hi! When I was at LV a couple of weeks ago, I was flipping through the pages of some of their upcoming releases and on one of those pages was a vernis wallet whose style looked very much like the monogram zippy wallet (which has 12 credit card slots). Now, at the time, I wasn't interested in buying a wallet so I didn't pay much attention to this vernis wallet (thus, I don't know if it did actually have the same number of credit card slots as the zippy, etc). Why don't you inquire at the boutique about that one?
  5. 12 card slots... sounds great!!! I think i might have to have a look at it :smile: thanx

  6. You're welcome! I also just wanted to clarify that the monogram zippy wallet that I was referring to was called the "zippy organizer" (not to be confused with the mono "zipped purse").
    Again, I don't think this wallet has been released yet, but do inquire at the store for more info on it. :smile:
  7. The vernis ludlow stores more than the LV description will ever give credit to.

    As you can see here, I store a total of 6 cards in the coin slot + 4 folded bills + a bit of coins. I put my frequent buyers card here (including my godiva frequent buyer card! :smile:)

    I store about 2 cards per slot from the inside of the wallet.

    So it stores a total of 12 cards! I was a non-believer until I owned it. I'm sure many ludlow owners here would agree ;)

    Sorry, my pictures a bit fuzzy. They're taken from my camera phone.

    Good luck with your search!
  8. The Broome wallet stores quite a lot (it has a zipper as well, that zips all the way around), but I think that it might have been discontinued, so you should ask.

    The Walker also stores a lot, but that's been discontinued as well. You might still be able to find one by calling around at the stores. I think the best thing might be to ask at the stores first, to see what they have available.
  9. I can also get 2 cards per slot in my ludlow, and a few more in the coin part depending on how much cash I have on me. I'm using my broome now though. It has a space for cash, which I like, and two cc slots. I can fit 3 in each of those. It also has a little coin part where I keep my paper cards (voter's, insurance, etc). I know a lot of people like the ludlow better, but right now I'm loving my broome!
  10. I vote for the Koala! 9 card slots plus an ID window...
  11. the koala is hot but i dont like the pearl they have on elux :sad:
  12. Yes, the Broome wallet was discontinued. I just snagged myself one on eBay in a discontinued color as well; bronze! :love:


    It's very nice, lined in calfskin and zipped all around. But if it's card room that your after, the Broome is not your piece. Only two slots. Maybe you can double up on them, but even then, there would only be room for four. Perfect for me... I'm not big on credit cards. Call 1888VUITTON. Tell the rep your situation, and he/she will help you find a wallet to fit your needs.
  13. Don't forget the discontinued "eldridge" wallet, it's like a broome but longer, and more credit card slots !
  14. Hi, is there a picture of the wallet that you're talking about anywhere?
  15. the bronze looks hot... wouldnt mind something in the bronze.. i also like the fuschia and i think ive seen a lilac...