Need a little something for my keys....

  1. ......that isn't the key-case that snaps in the front and has the tabs for each key. My keys are doing a number on the inside of my bags.....

    Anyone have a keycase you can recommend?

  2. Oh that is soooo cute! :love: I just use my LV cles and it's working out well. :flowers:
  3. I just got a dogon orange key wallet and it is so cute ... would make we want to get a dogon wallet but have only had the bearn 6 monthes and had promised my self i would never use another wallet ever !!! opps:smile:
  4. oh no i LOVE this!!!
    dept stores always sell mini leather pouches, for coins or some such. they're usually sold near the purses, on countertops. Neimans, Saks...

    how much does this dogon keycase retail for in the boutique?
  5. I have the Dogon key wallet in vert anis. I love it! Last I saw it was US $575 or so. Go for it!!
  6. ^ Does the Dogon Key wallet fit those huge key fobs/transmitters? The one for my husband's car is insane!
  7. my car starts with a card and it fits it.....about 3" long... think they retail for about 410 euros....?
  8. i like the mini vespa - it's big enough and pretty light. all that leather inside can start to add up to a heavy bag!

  9. I saw a superrrr cute keyholder/case in my local H boutique....It looks like the Bearn wallet (with the H) and its beautiful.I think you should get that!!! I saw orange, rouge, and....can't remmeber :smile:
  10. Unfortunately, I've tried a mini Vespa pouch for my big a$$ car keys, and it didn't quite work. =( So off to eBay it went!
  11. I have a matching keycase to my Bearn wallet. It has the same H and leather pull thru tab as the Bearn. Alternative is another brand like Gucci that has a pouch. I have that also and it keeps the keys inside so they don't scratch the inside of your bag
  12. i think someone mentioned using the felt bag that the purses come with for the lock and keys (kelly bags, birkins, bolides).
  13. What a great idea!
  14. ^ well, of course! That's brilliant! :idea: :idea: :idea: