Need A Little Help

  1. One of the first Bbags I fell in love with was the '06 Rouille. I'd kinda resigned myself to not getting it... not sure why, just did. So, then I decided on the 07 Rouille/Paprika... and decided to get a day. My bag won't be in until next month, but I have an opportunity to get a pre-loved 06 Rouille twiggy, for a GREAT price! Which one do you guys think would be more wearable? I really can't see myself needing two orange bbags. I'm so torn! I love the 06 rouille, but the pics of the 07 are GORGEOUS too! I've also never felt the leather on the 06, just on 07.
  2. I would go for the 06 Rouille Twiggy - as long as the corners were in good cond. The colour of 06 Rouille is much more vibrant IRL than the 07, however the 07 leather is not as veiny and thin. I have since sold all my 06 bags and the sole reason was because of the thin crackly veiny leathers. Such a shame, but I prefer thicker more even leather. I guess it's all personal choice. Is colour or leather more important??? Good luck in your decision!
  3. Hmm, tough decision! I think I'd have to know the condition and leather quality of the bag, too. Since you stated that you were waiting for the 06 Rouille, maybe the twiggy is the way to go, then! Good luck!