Need a little help!

  1. I've come to the conclusion that a Herbag backpack style would fit my needs perfectly. It is a great hands free bag, casual, love the idea of two different colors/sizes and has a great understated classic appeal--perfect for me, a mommy on the go.

    Well, from what I've gathered Herbags have been discontinued!! Since I don't have a local H store, except for my local Neimans--where I purchased my Dogon, but has a select supply of bags......I'm hoping for those who have a H store local and a great SA, could you please pass along the info?? Please feel free to PM if you'd prefer to keep it private. I've never contacted an H store or an SA, so I'd prefer going with an SA someone here knows, worked with and loves.

    Also, any advice on the Herbag would also be appreciated :smile:

    Thank you!!!
  2. Thanks!!!

    I'll look into that one.

    anyone else??? thoughts?? suggetions??:smile:
  3. I haven't seen one in a while. But I'll bump this for you. Hopefully someone else can help you as they did another member a while back.
  4. I have a Herbag Sac a Dos and love it to bits - but I am very much a backpack girl.
    My local store in the UK has had none to sell for a long while now although standard handbags do crop up now and again. I have got to the stage where I needed to replace the canvas 'sac' ( the largest of the two sizes which I use all the time) and it took the store nearly 9 months to source one and they have been told that they will not be able to get anymore so if you do find one go easy on it!
    Personally I find it very easy to live with but opening and closing it is just a tad troublesome - I often have to nudge it with my knee to get the bag to come undone - very inelegant! And the closure mechanism means that the usable space in the bag is less than you might expect i.e you can't slip anything the size of a magazine in - which is why I am upgrading to a 35cm Kelly - but that is another story.

    If Hermes could produce the canvas sacs with a bit of leather protection on the corners of the base and the same metal edge protection around the backpack strap openings as on the opening at the front ( and in funky colours) this bag would live forever.

    And having said all that I wish I had bought two when I had the chance! But I'll have to wait for them to reissue something else backpack-like.
  5. HG: Thanks for the bump :smile:

    Les Tambours: Thank you so much for the info. Since my local NM doesn't have the backpack, I'm unaware of any of the issues you mentioned. I"m so glad you brought up the wearing corners and size. I will definitely keep this in mind! :yes:
  6. You are most welcome. And if you overstuff it - and I have been guilty of this - the colour can rub off the sac as well. Canvas just isn't as robust as leather and it can't be buffed back up to a shine at the spa either. Rain is no problem - it just slides off the canvas and the bridle leather. I have seen it described on this forum as an excellent 'entry level' bag and I think this is true. It is a good place to start the wonderous journey of being an Hermes bag owner or a really useful addition if you have many bags and can chop and change to suit your mood.
  7. Les Tambours: Thanks again for all the info. I'm going to keep on the look out for one! Hopefully one will turn up!!