Need a little help with Juicy Couture handbag Authentication

  1. Hi guys... I want to ask for your help regarding how to know if a Juicy Couture handbag is authentic or not? Which photos should I ask the seller? Thanks in advance!!

    Desperately looking for a Juicy,

  2. What type of juicy? Daydreamer? Tote? Bowler?
  3. Uhhh.. I don't know how to call it.. I'll just post the link.. The seller claims that her bag is 100% authentic but I just want to make sure that it is 100% authentic!

    What parts of the handbag should I ask to know that it's authentic?? Please help!! Thanks!!
  4. I would ask her for as many pics as you can get: Inside pocket and close up of zipper, if there is a mirror inside a closeup of both sides of it and a pic of how it is attached. Closeup of the stiching on the handles, words on the front, bow of the scarf that is laced through the top, the base of the bag and the inside tag.
  5. ^Thanks! can you guys help me if ever I get the pics already on my e-mail to check if it is real or not? Thanks a lot again!!
  6. what?
    Its only 99 HKD? that's like even lower than the bag at cost! I would be really concerned considering the price...

    - actually i looked at the picture again and i think the picture gave it away - ITS A FAKE!

    Daydreamers never came with a dustbag! I also believe this daydreamer used a different tag than that badge tag (this 2nd point i am not totally sure - but the dustbag deal is definitely true - not to mention that far back the JC bags only came with baby blue dustbags, it was only recently that they used the pink ones)
  7. She's selling it for HKD 800.. Almost the same price in eBay but minus the shipping fee because I can meet the seller here in hong Kong...

    Again, thanks for your opinions! Then this bag is a no no! I'm really thanking you guys for helping me out with this or else.. I got scammed! :biggrin:
  8. glad i can help :yes:

    800 HKD? So she is doing this auction with a starting price of 99HKD but then if you meet her face to face then she will jack up the price to 800HKD?
    Either way, it is still too fishy to me in my opinion either way... better safe than sorry!
  9. Sorry, its fake in my eyes too!
  10. Thanks guys for your opinion! In that way, it's a no no for me! I'll just find another daydreamer over eBay.. Please help me find another one over ebay! thanks!
  11. yeah it's def. fake. there are sooo many fake juicy bags on ebay i wouldn't trust almost anyone. usually the velour ones are easier to counterfeit. for the leather ones, focus on the quality of the leather. i own three juicy bags bought from high-end department stores a while back so i can give you a lot of advices.
  12. found the handbag that Im going to get for my sister.. Big thanks to angeleyes! :biggrin: