Need a little Help with a B-Day gift...(for me!)

  1. Ladies, I'm in a bind. For my B-day my sweet DH would like for me to get another purse. I have several options available right now, but I am at a loss. I have developed a softspot for 30cm Birkins. I find that I've used this size more frequently them the others. So I think for this present I am leaning torward a 30cm. Now I need help with choosing the leather! Here is what my SA found for me:

    Etoupe Clemence 30cm w/PH
    Ebene Togo 30cm w/GH
    Vert Fonce Fjord w/PH
    Rose Dragee Swift w/GH
    Rose Drage Swift w/PH
    Torquoise Swift w/GH
    Torquoise Swift w/PH
    Raisin Swift w/PH
    Etoupe Swift w/PH
    2 bicolors (leather escapes me right now...)
    *Chocolate & Cyclamen w/PH
    *Black & Portion w/PH

    Which would you choose and why? Pros and cons? Usability, how durable, and versitility of color?

    Is VGL still available? If it is what colors? Thanks ladies in advance for your input
  2. Vert Fonce Fjord w/PH or Etoupe Clemence 30cm w/PH
  3. ***HAPPY Birthday!!!***

    OMG! What great choices! Without knowing your wardrobe or color preferences, it is kind of hard to help. That said, it looks like from that list that more "summer color inventory" is available than winter. Makes sense because we are in fall/winter now and people want bags. Any colors missing from your summer palette?

    The Etoupe clemence is sort of a classic neutral. Clemence has a nice softness to it and it seems very hard wearing.
  4. sounds like box combos so one of these. our lovely mrssparkles has choc box cyclamen take a look that bag is worth a sin !
  5. Thanks S:love:!

    My wardrobe is mainly neutrals (bieges, black, white, greys...) with small accents of color. I think I have quite a few summer colors (white, black&toile, Baby Rose,...) So I was hoping for something Fall Wintery. But since I already have 3 in the brown color family I was hoping for something else. Funny thing is I really dont know what??? I was thinking Etoupe, but I really wanted it with GH. I'll be going into H today so maybe if i see it IRL it might make my heart go pitter patter:lol:.
  6. Oh lilach! I remember seeing a pic of it with her new PomPom accessory. What do you think? versital? I'm kinda afraid of does it hold up? Will I have to baby it?

    The Choc & Cyclamen Birkin my SA found has a Cyclamen interior:love:. She also found the same combo but instead of choc it is black & cyclamen. What do you think?:flowers:
  7. I love etoupe with ph in clemence... or the raisin in swift. what a wonderful choice to have to make! ;)
  8. it is BOX no questions asked i would be all over it(and i do not even do dark browns -go figure). it is THE classic H leather read around we just had a leghty thread bout box birkins. it scratches but after that you´ll receive a patina that glows fom within. it is just an awesome leather and i do love neutral bicolors while they are versatile they still have a much needed(for me anyways) splash of color.
  9. My choices, albeit boring,

    Ebene Togo 30cm w/GH
    Vert Fonce Fjord w/PH
  10. I vote Vert Fonce. It's an amazing color and perfect if you're looking for soemething fall/winter-ish :flowers:
  11. Black with cyclamen?


    (your SA sounds awesome, as does your DH)
  12. Dear Ms. SP:

    HAPPY B-DAY!!!

    Is the Black with Portiron linning or trim?! If trim, it would POP and make great F/W bag as you've mentioned your wardrobe are neutral colors and ORGANGE tone is the color of the season!!!

    Let us know what you've end-up with?!
  13. :heart: *Chocolate & Cyclamen w/PH :heart:

  14. Yeah I like that combo too: chocolate/cylamen... yummie
  15. Yes... Indeed.:yes: