Need a little help understanding :)

  1. Hello,

    I'm new here at the forums and with Handbags in general, so please be gentle :smile:

    So I saw this bag I really like (Tod's Patent D-Bag Media) but for the life of me I can't understand what most of the description on eLuxury means. Would appreciate if anyone could describe to me what these mean:
    • Fine topstitching
    • Rolled patent shoulder straps with link attachments; 7" drop
    • Patent drawstring ties with logo-engraved silver tips
    • Fine textile lining
    • Two interior patent-trimmed zip pockets
    • Flat patent bottom
    • Protective metal feet
    Also, does anyone have this bag? Is it any good?

    Thanks a lot! :heart:
  2. Well it just describes what the bag has. Generally just nice stitching and nice lining, metal feet, and several patent things like flat bottom and special drawstring ties. Pictures are always best, but text is nice as it can tell you about details you have missed or can't tell by looking on the picture.
    • Fine topstitching - the stiching is fine:nuts:
    • Rolled patent shoulder straps with link attachments; 7" drop -the shoulder straps are made with patent (shiny) leather that is rolled and has link attachments that you can unattach, total drop from when you hang it over your shoulder is 7inches in length (hangs that low)
    • Patent drawstring ties with logo-engraved silver tips -the drawstring ties (pull to tighten etc) are made with patent leather and have silver tips on the end which have the logo of the bag on them
    • Fine textile lining -the lining of the bag is textile (not satin or leather, but clothlike)
    • Two interior patent-trimmed zip pockets -inside the bag are two pockets with zippers, both are trimmed/lined with patent leather
    • Flat patent bottom -the bottom of the bag is flat and patent leather
    • Protective metal feet -there are metal peices on the bottom of the bag to protect the bottom from getting scratched or dirty.
    I'm sure you figured out most of that but just incase I figured I'd describe everything for fun. LOL I have too much time..Welcome to the foum by the way!:flowers:
  3. Welcome to the Purse Forum! I hope you will love it here.

    Good explanations by the previous posters. I want to add that I have this style Tod's bag in tan leather, and it's one of the easiest to use I've ever owned. The workmanship is excellent, it's comfortable to carry, opens up wide enough to easily find what I'm looking for inside, and is just a very good looking bag that will never go out of style.

    If you get it, I think you will love using it.
  4. Cute bag! I think patent is a very hot item this coming season! Great choice!
  5. Thanks a lot for your responses and kind welcomes!
    I'm sure I'll love it here!

    Have a great day