Need a little help ladies [Black Leather Tote}

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  1. My friend had a Coach Black Leather tote and I fell in love with it, but since her mother got it as a gift she doesn't know what collection it was from. So I was wondering if you guys would help me out!

    The bag is from a collection at least a year or two ago. Its a black leather plain tote nowhere on the outside does it say coach. It looks similar to a Chanel quilted medallion tote. The tote is prob sold at the outlets now. So any info would be great!:yes::tup:
  2. Bump please help.
  3. Can you post a picture of it for us?
  4. Yes, a photo would really help
  5. I don't have a pic, it was a black leather tote. ^ that one is cute is it leather?
  6. You say it's quilted? or?

    And that Is a Mahogany Patent Leather Gallery Tote I believe
  7. It's patent leather. It also came in black. Maybe search ebay for black coach totes and see if anything looks familiar.
  8. Thats almost it except I remember the handles being thicker and there is no zipper
  9. This is my first post ever. Is there any way you can get the 5-digit style number from the inside pocket of the bag? I did that once, called the Coach store and they gave me the month, year and collection a bag came out. Good luck!

    Also, forgot to mention that they were able to send me a bag from JAX that came out about 2 years earlier...
  10. Thanks^ but I am embarssed to ask lol. Whats JAX?
    I am beginning to think it could possibly fit in with the soho family. Except the ones I have seen on ebay don't have the same shape as my friends. It was just like a chanel medallion tote except it is really heavy leather and is plain in the front.
  11. JAX is the Coach warehouse in Jacksonville, FL. You can reach them w/ the customer service # on HTH and good luck finding that tote!