Need a little help here 1st timer!

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  1. I do not nor have I ever owned a Louis....but....after joining the blog (and I hold all of you responsible:supacool: ) I have aqcuired a taste for high end bags. My last purchase cost me around $1300. I bought the Shalon 360 satchel. I now want my 1st LV (which is what should have been my first major bag purchase). What I need from you is advice on which bag to get and oh yeah I am a big bag fan.
  2. Hi, and welcome to LV. I would suggest:

    Shoulder bag - Batignolles Horizontal or Lockit Horizontal
    Handheld- Speedy 30
  3. I am going to second that! Perfect choices, Batignolles Horizontal for a shoulder bag. Speedy 30 (in either mono or Damier) for handheld. I have bought two BHs for my daughters - they love them! I had a little trouble keeping it on my shoulders - but it's a great bag! My favorite, out of all my bags, is the Mono Speedy 30, but I also have the Damier too and it's great for rain and snow.
  4. ^^ITA

    Welcome to TPF! :yes:
  5. Hmm...are you thinking Mono, Damier, or Azur? Hand-held or shoulder bag?

    My suggestion is always Mono Speedy 30 for a first LV bag...soooooooooo classic!
  6. mono speedy 25. 30 is nice too. Hell get both of them.
  7. Bagladie - you made me laugh! I love how you think!
  8. The BH was my 1st LV purchase, the best purchase I made in 2006!!!!
  9. Thanks a bunch I will definately look into those bags and get back to you
  10. Damier Speedy 30!
  11. ^^^Is the best introduction to the wonderful world of LV. :heart:
  12. depends on if your a shoulder bag person or handheld bag person. i'd say, if you're looking for mono i'd suggest a cabas piano or mezzo (depending how how big you like your bags)for a shoulder bag and a speedy for a handheld, they come big and small so you're sure to find the right size.
  13. The best advice I can give is to look through the visual aids thread in the reference area here...and then go to a boutique and try on a whole bunch of them!
  14. Im leaning towards the Speedy as I am not a big shoulder bag fan
  15. okay here are my 2 cents...

    speedy 30/25
    popincourt haut