Need a little help from shoe lovers

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  1. I don't know what happened the last few years, but I have been obsessed with high end designer heels. So if you ladies don't think we are looking when you are walking down the street, in airports, at work, etc., you are wrong. However, I suppose those of you who wear my favorite designers (Manolo, Jimmy, CL), know this. Here is my problem. I have purchased 3 pair of Manolo's, 2 pair of Jimmy Choo's and 2 pair of CL's for my wife. She hardly ever wears them. I know all of them are not the most comfortable, but she has said that some are very comfortable. The CL's were the latest purchases and I would have to say that there will be more and Manolo and Jimmy will be left behind. I don't know what it is, but those red soles put the sex appeal over the top. Anyway, although I would like to buy here more, I'm not sure it is such a great idea. The CL styles I bought her were Helmut and Armadillo, both in black. Any help you could give on getting her to wear them more often would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. :wtf: that is one problem I've never heard of!

    sorry I am not much help... I don't even know what to say! A girl who doesn't want to wear CL's? :confused1:
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    You picked out some gorgeous styles for your wife. Unfortunately, they're her feet, and it's hard to say what would inspire her since we don't know her. I will say, it's very difficult to run around in high heels. A lot of us here only wear them indoors (at the office, out to dinner, etc). I don't know where you live, but in NY it would help to take taxis when you're going out, and not expect a lot of standing/walking.

    Are those your pix? They're stunning.
  4. I wish that was a problem my bf wants to fix, he refuses to buy me shoes and he is always confused as to why I wear 5in heels to the shooting range or even to the grocery store LOL
  5. Actually, I thought of something. What about somehow getting her girlfriends in to them too! As we've found here, our greatest inspiration is each other!
  6. We live in Chicago and do take cabs when going out in the city. Yes, the photos are the Armadillo's I purchased for her. Thanks!
  7. I wish I could be of more help!
    Maybe you should show her this site. It'll make a CL maniac out of anyone!

  8. amen to that! :sweatdrop:
  9. Are those ones comfy? Maybe get her a pair of simples (really comfy).
  10. you and your wallet maybe be in luck that she doesn't care for them - LOL
  11. what size is she? maybe you can give her shoes to me... i'd gladly wear them!!!
  12. Not sure on the Armadillo's, I just got them for her. She tried them on and said they were comfortable. I think the Helmut's are not very comfortable for her. She has said that one of the Manolo's I bought her are the most comfortable heel she has ever worn and she doesn't wear them much. I'll give the Simple a try, how do they run size wise? She is usually a 7.5 US, needed a 37.5 in the Helmut, but a 38 in the Armadillo, 38's for both Jimmy Choo and Manolo. Thanks.....
  13. hmmm. maybe she just doesn't like to wear heels??? cuz you're saying she doesn't wear even her "most comfortable manolos".... maybe she thinks heels are just for dress-up, fancy events?
  14. I'm a US 9-9.5. I wear a 10.5 in simples.

    Not sure how it compares to others though.
  15. Why the hell can't my DH be like you?