Need a little help! Card dilemma!

  1. Does anyone besides me have all of these extra cards in their wallet and do not have a place to store them. Besides the main cc, health card, debit cards. There are cards for discounts at all type of establishments as well as gift cards.

    Where do you keep all of these extra cards?

    Does anyone know of a wallet/checkbook holder that has extra card slots. :nuts:
  2. I'm having the same problem as you do.. HELP with me too! hehe!
  3. I use my business card holder to store the extra cards I have. I think Chanel has a credit card holder also.
  4. I have a Chanel credit card holder.
  5. I bought a long checkbook style Coach wallet with tons of card slots for the very reason you stated. I couldn't find one in Chanel with more than a few to a half dozen slots and didn't want to carry a wallet plus credit card holder in my bag.
  6. I have a LV zippy organizer, and it has tons of slots for cards, plus the zippered section in the center. I can have over 50 cards at 1 time, and they all fit neatly in this organizer wallet.

    My only complaint about this is the epi leather can get quite heavy. And since it's a large wallet, I can't fit anything else into a classic flap.
  7. My sentiments exactly. I will continue looking to see what I can find.
  8. I have the zippy wallet I use everyday. I may need to look at the zippy organizer. Thanks.
  9. I have a Chanel key pouch to hold extra cards! I take it with me everywhere since I have my keys attached to it, so it's not like I'm carrying extra things.
  10. I have the same problem too, too many cards...
    would prefer a card-sized holder that can hold ard 10 cards as I just bought my LV french purse recently