Need a little "Fairy" advice....

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  1. Okay so I have a bit of a deliema and any advice is very appreciated!

    I was one of the lucky few to get my hands on a stunning Fairy wallet.
    I was so excited as out of all the pieces I loved the print on the wallet the best.
    While I was waiting for my wallet to arrive I discovered the wristlet from the Jennifer Love Hewitt photo and from then on I was torn between the two.

    The wallet came yesterday and it is beautiful!
    I am just not sure if I would get more use out of the wristlet or not.
    I THINK they are about the same size and my wallet will fit my razor cell phone and a lipstick but I worry about leaving it somewhere because it isn't hanging over my shoulder on on my wrist.:sad:

    Also, my SA doesn't have any wristlets in stock and doesn't know when she can get one.

  2. if your wallet can fit your other stuff, I would keep it. The wristlet is a few hundred more (and also not readily available) and if the wallet can do same thing, why not stick with it? I think both pieces are beautiful and if they had the wallet earlier, I probably would have gotten it first. But it all goes down to which one u'd be happy with. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the input!:flowers:

    Very good points made and definitely the direction I am leaning right now.
  4. Bronte, congrats on your wallet. As you know I have the wallet, and my MIL just got the wristlet. I have to be honest, I think the wallet is so much cuter and more useful in the long run. I'm not knocking the wristlet at all, but between the two I would keep the wallet.
  5. ^^^
    I haven't seen the wristlet in person and do like the print on the wallet much better. Also I am consider giving up my wallet and I may not even be able to get the wristlet! I just wish I could have both! LOL!:graucho:
  6. Hi Bronte,

    Thought that I would highly suggest that you don't give up one without first having the other in hand!! You would really hate life if you ended up with 0. :wtf:

    I've only seen the wallet IRL and can say that it is truly stunning! ;)
  7. True!
  8. I haven't seen either IRL yet but I woud lean towards the wristlet..this is just because I already have a wallet I'm happy with and it would be a pain to change all my credit cards from one to the other everytime I wanted to use the Fairy wallet. But if you don't already have a wallet that you use on a regular basis, then go for the fairy one.