Need a little bit of help please...

  1. Hi everybody - please feel free to tell me off if I shouldn't be asking this or if I posted in the wrong place!
    I only own one Balenciaga, a first in cornflower which I've used once, so I want to try to sell it on eBay. It's like new apart from the fact that I put the new tassles on when I bought it because the original ones were tatty and it doesn't have a dustbag. I managed to 10% off the price because of this so I paid 585.00 pounds instead of 650.00. I do have the box and the original receipt from Selfridges in Manchester dated August last year. I'm just wondering what should I reasonably expect to sell it for? I'm hopeless at selling my bags and very rarely get what I expect so any help welcome.

    Thank You!