Need a Lilly dress...

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  1. Hey Ladies.... I need some major HELP!! I'm in need of a Lilly Pulitzer dress that can translate from Foxfields (A horse race down in central virginia) to my boyfriend's sister's graduation this summer in Tennessee. I LOVE Lilly but can't bear to pay full price...anyone know where I can get discoutn Lilly? E-bay scares me!
  2. Try Filene's Basement or Loehmann's
  3. Lately I have been seeing Lilly dresses at my TJ maxx. They are all $99 and really cute so you may want to check your local TJ maxx or Marshalls!
  4. Yea- my TJ's just got in a shipment of a few different Lilly dresses so check there. If you know your size you should also look on ebay, Ive seen a lot of NWT Lilly dresses go off for really cheap on there.
  5. my tj maxx has some cute ones too. good luck!
  6. Off Fifth, also.
  7. I've had luck finding lots of LP at Nordstrom Rack. Good luck!
  8. TJ Maxx always seems to have them. My relative buys my daughter Lilly dressed from Ebay and they are perfect/new or like new. She must have about 15 that are just so cute for summer. When I lived in Florida I could find them all over. I miss that. I would try Ebay--it is not like they are fake.