Need a lil help or advice....

  1. Thank you to everyone for all of your suggestions!!! The seller has made it crystal clear to me that she is not returning any funds as she stated she explained the damage to the shoe, I honestly don't believe that, this shoe has far more damage than the one picture given of it or the statement that it had a defect on one shoe.


    This is a side by side picture, picture on left is picture from seller on the bonanza listing and picture on right is my picture taken when I received them... You can see the difference in the clarity of just how much damage there was in my picture...

    But, I digress.... I have decided to try the DIY glitter and maintain this same beautiful color.. Hopefully this is something simple I can do myself yet keep the integrity of the shoe...thank you so much Vodkaine for the very very helpful links needed to attempt this challenge!!

    Thanks again ladies... I'll update on my results!
  2. Awww I'm so happy it helped. Can't wait to see how it turns out !
    So you want to keep a similar color to the original ? :smile:
  3. Aww, that's so frustrating. That picture she had was really bad! It's a shame you can't return them.

    I too agree that you should do the glitter style. You have to cover up that three-dimensional texture anyway for them to look good, and the glitter doesn't take as much time or patience as the Swarovski crystals would.

  4. Went and got my supplies today, I will embark on this project sometime this week... I am actually excited... My DH laughed at me all day today..

    Yes @Bellezza, I want to try to keep it similar to its original color..I forgot what color glitter I got, but it looks like a gold and almost purpleish color.... guess we shall see!!

    Again thanks everyone!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  5. Why was he laughing at you?

    A gold-purple sounds quite intriguing! Please keep us updated and let us know how the shoes turned out. I'm positive the glitter will cover up the textured shoe. I'm sure you will end up with a beautiful glittered shoe.
  6. He laughed at me for trying to get a deal on the shoe and the shoe ended up looking so bad, said I should have just bought the shoe I wanted...wouldnt have to DIY anything!! lol

    It may be just how it appears when the light hits it, gotta inspect it out the jar to make sure... Yes, the glittering will def cover the texture imperfections....

    Thank you for the faith!! :biggrin:
  7. Ooh, I see. I hope this works though and they stay the color you want them to be!
  8. Ok maybe you can assist me or point me in the right direction... Trying to make sure this color glitter will be ok....

    Here's the shoe up close

    Here's the glitter and shoe

    Here's the glitter

    What do you think????? Think this will work??? And it's just course glitter, no fine glitter too is that ok??
  9. I think that glitter looks great, and over the colour of the shoe, it will look closer to the shoe colour, as dark usually tends to creep through the lighter shade of the glitter!
  10. YES!!! I'm do glad it looks good... I want the color of the shoe to try to be the same.... Happy dance :smile:

    Does it matter that it's only course glitter and doesn't have a mixture of course and fine??
  11. It's gonna be awesome ! Do not forget to take pictures for each step if you can, and remember to do the heel last ;)
  12. Well you can find different types of glitter on original CLs

    Like this :

    but also very fine like this :

    and the two styles are multi glitter.

    You are lucky since your find matches the background color, so it will loo even and swell I'm sure of it.

    For the glue, what did you get ?


  13. Thank you so much you have been so super helpful and encouraging... I think I may start either tomorrow or Tuesday!!
    I picked up Gem Tac for the project, is that good?? Also, I have a pair of gold grease paint flats I want to glitter with gold, I guess I would consider them a patent, is gem Tac ok to use for them too??
  14. There is always this debate between gemtac or E6000 both are okay to be when it's about glitter but E6000 seems to be more eficient regarding strass/crystals.

    Havin said that, the main issue about flats is that they get more wear than heels. I mean, the well bend much more, and some glitter/crystal placement might suffer of it. Yet, glitter is the fastest and easiest way to give a new life to your shoes. I'm quite curious to know how it would work with patent as I have some Yoyo 85 of mine I would like to decorate

  15. I'm so anxious to see the results!!! :smile: