Need a lil help or advice....

  1. GM all!!!

    So I got a great deal on these beautiful lilac metallic simples from bonanza. The seller stated she started strassing them, but when I recieved them they where alot worse than what I thought... Sooooooo at this point I'm not sure what to do with them... The color is so pretty I would love to be able to wear them as this color, even tempted to try to find a marker or crayon as close to the color and just color the white areas in and just wear them!!!! lol.

    Where the stones were removed has taken off leather in some places, and is sticky and paper or some other material has stuck to it leaving the whiteish color
    On it... The other shoe is perfect...

    What should I do???? Help ! :smile:


    Btw, I'm not a good DIY'er.. :sad:

    TIA everyone
  2. I would send them back.
  3. Those aren't lilac, first, so that's odd. Plus, if she didn't reveal that there were problems with the shoe, you should have grounds for a partial refund or being able to return them. I'm not sure how to save those shoes except to continue covering them. That's the only way you will hide the problems with the leather. Please keep us informed with what happens and good luck!

  4. Thats why I call them liliac purpleish, honestly dont know what the color is called. She did state in the description that she starte d the strassing and then removed them, and had pictures, but I dont feel as if the pictures truly captured just about all of the destruction done to the shoe.

    I already told her of my disappointment, she directed me to come here and ask you ladies on some suggestions and that she was going to attempt to have her cobblered dye them black before she thought of selling them, but didnt get to it whuch is why she sold them,....

    As far as trying to strass them myself, that isnt an option, dont really have the skills nor patience for such a tedious I honestly dont know what to do...its a shame too, because they are so very pretty :sad:
  5. hey gurl! find someone to strass them!
  6. I suggest returning them or finding someone else to strass them. You could pick a strass color that matches the current color you love so much.

    A cobbler might be able to help but the glue makes it iffy. I'd contact them and see what they have to say.
    I recommend DeLuxe Shoe Repair in Newport Beach, CA or Leather Spa in NY.

    Good luck!
  7. I would turn them into oxblood glitter =)
  8. Dye them black or another dark color
  9. But where the stones where removed its rough and sticky....
  10. How do you do this??
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  12. Excellent excellent!! This was sooooooo helpful!!! Thank you so much!!
  13. good point...

    I dunno if this is possible, but maybe you can ask for a special paint that has a glazed or varnished effect. When I paint, I find those tend to give a smoother appearance rather than dyes that are more of a stain. :thinking:
    I like oil-based stuff... but that's probably not good for the leather lol