Need a light weight comfortable crossbody?

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  1. I have some fun crossbody bags but most get to heavy by the end of the day. I would like something I can dress up or down and wear in all kinds of weather for hours on end for a trip I'm going on. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  2. I too am searching for a small light cross body bag. At the moment I'm debating between LV speedy bandouliere & celine nano...
  3. They are both lovely. The celine would be to heavy for me. The speedy would be light enough but I would be wearing it mostly crossbody and I think I would like something a little thinner near my hip area. I do love my speedys but for this trip. They won't work. I looked at the bloomsbury pm and loved it but the hard strap hurt my shoulder.
  4. Balenciaga Town all the way! I don't think bags get lighter than Bbags.
  5. You're right about the size of the speedy. When I tried it on, even for a 25 I did too find it bulky. But the color just made me love it haha. As for celine, I haven't had pleasure of seeing it in person. I just recently became interested in them even though they've been around for some time. I think the Bloomsbury is a wonderful choice ! I've seen quite a few reviews on it on YouTube.
  6. Love it, but don't want to spend quite that much right now.
  7. I was looking at the gucci gg plus messenger bag,but I'm not sure about it. I also thought of the lv odeon pm ,but I'm kind of afraid of color transfer from my dark jeans to the light vachetta leather.
  8. I have a Reed Krakoff Standard Hobo II in Black that I use for travel. I love that it has a comfortable shoulder strap and a crossbody strap. It's a great travel bag and holds magazines, my ipad and a bottle of water. It's a slouchier leather, but I love that the silhouette conforms to your body.
  9. I will have to check it out . I don't know that one. thanks!
  10. My Proenza Schouler pouch is great as a small crossbody bag.
    I'd highly recommend it as a day to night bag. But it may be too small, depending on your needs.
  11. Another of my favourites is the small Chloe Marcie satchel with the long strap, worn crossbody. It can be carried by the short handles over the shoulder or as a satchel, so it's very versatile.
    It's quite a big bag for a 'small' bag!
  12. M0851!!!! Anything in their classic leather. It is super soft and lightweight and the crossbody straps are nice and wide so they are extra comfortable to wear. Plus, the leather is specially treated to withstand rain and snow (for Canadian weather).

    I have the postman in a burgundy and it is my most comfortable bag (and I have a gazillion crossbodies in all price ranges). The leather just keeps getting softer and softer - its even to the point of being as silky as my 2005 Balenciaga bordeaux day bag (which is unreal, its so soft).

    Here is a link to their classic bags. The small weekender is their most popular style (and one I plan on getting next).

    Here is the one I have:


    Which you can find here:

    They have seasonal colors that are not shown on the website, but which you can purchase over the phone from a store.

    If you go to their Facebook page, you can find lots more pics of people wearing the bags, including the styles I mentioned.
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    LV Audacieuse monogram empreinte leather mm, but its a little bit heavy and must not contact with water, because its suede trimming.
  14. Marni balloon? I find it pretty comfortable when wearing. Don't like the patent leather, but the regular leather and patent leather is pretty nice-light and tough!
  15. An affordable option would be a Coach Willis. Megs did a review on one a few months ago. They are light weight and come in some nice colors.