Need a large wallet

  1. Lately every grocery/drug store that I go into requires that I have a "card" . It seems lately that I have too many cards to carry around all the time. I only carry 2 credit cards, but also have 2 gas cards, Costco, my Drivers License, and my childrens (and mine) insurance cards, oh and ATM.

    I am also frequently asked for my ID when using my Amex, so I have to have my Drivers License readily available, I prefer a "window" rather than pulling it out all of the time.

    How do you handle all the extra cards? Do you all carry them in a seperate pouch? I was looking at wallets, and I am not sure where to put all the cards I have accumulated.

    I welcome any suggestions, I am unable to fit everything into my current Coach wallet, and the LV's that I have looked at seem like they won't work for me. Although I have wanted one for years.
  2. The new pochette wallet has 8 cc slots. 2 in front and 6 in back. It's a big wallet and has several pockets and a change pocket too.

    I use this wallet and also a french purse and for extra cards like you mentioned I have a cles I keep them in too.
  3. i love the french wallet and also the PTI
  4. New PTI wallets (monogram) hold 10 cards, :smile:
    8 i believe inside the wallet and 2 on the outter flap.
  5. I just got a Vernis Zippy...has a ton of cc slots, pockets, zippered ID window but I just leave my IDs in their own slot at the front.
  6. I used to carry Perfo Cles for all the 'extra' cards such as insurance ID, membership cards, etc and use my agenda as wallet, but all my troubles are solved when i find my dream wallet-Damier Brazza, this baby is just a tiny bit taller than yen holder but have 12 cc slots, long zipped coin compartment and 5 long slots, great for receipts, coupons, and cash!!! I find it very useful and it's not bulky to carry around.
    Binside.JPG Bleft.JPG Bright.JPG
  7. I love the PTI for this reason. I have all my cards organized nicely, from my IDs, to my Borders card to my Disney annual pass.
  8. First, Thank you for your replies. I see your photos of your lovely purses and accessories, and all I can think of is how messy my own wallet has become. It is overflowing.

    PTI ? is that a phrase?

    What do you all do with receipts? My wallet has become a dumping ground, and I embarassed to open it up. Way too much stuff insude. I am afraid to dispose of receipts.

    Thanks, my goal for March is to clean up my wallet...get something that really works for me!
  9. zippy wallet is nice too.
  10. I have the zippy groom and i love it. enough room for 8 cards and it's really easy to get my id in and out. i also have a checkbook cover seperately that i keep some store cards and i have a few in my agenda. i would put them all in a cles but i have gc's in my cles. lol.

    i keep my reciepts in my wallet (or let's be honest- crumpled up on the bottom of my bag) for as long as i can take it and then i take them all out and leave them in my apt- supposedly in an envelope to go through later but um, we're being honest right? generally in a pile until i can't take that either.
  11. OK, so the Cles is used best for the Grocery Cards. Makes sense, I didn't really attach a use to it before. I think I am getting it.
  12. PTI stands for Porte Tresor International and it's the wallet that I would recommend for you. It seems to be large enough for your needs. Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. I love the Zippy Organizer!
  14. Zippy wallet is very practical because it has enough space to accommodate both cc s, id, and receipts plus the gussetted pockets keep you organized.
  15. I agree...I have the mono zippy and it is great.