Need a key!! 306

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  1. Does anyone have a spare 306 key. I sold my speedy back in 2007 and contacted the girl I sold it too and told her that if she was interested in selling it I would want it back. She said that if it meant that much to me I could have it back so now I have it it has a lock on it and I don't have a key help
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  2. Please lol
  3. Are you able to take your Speedy to the store and have the lock removed etc??
  4. I just bought a spare key from Etsy. Maybe you should try it too! :smile:
  5. If you can, call your nearest boutique. They may have a lock set 306 and can remove the lock for you (and you wouldn't need to buy the key if that's all you wanted done).
  6. LV have master keys so they could remove the lock for you. You can then continue your search for a key in your own time or just buy a new lock/key set. Hope that helps.
  7. Not all LV stores have one. My cousin's local LV calls mall maintenance to cut locks off when someone loses their key.
  8. How odd. My store have lent me a master key in the past.
  9. How bizarre. As far as I know, all stores should be able to unlock OP's lock.
  10. Maybe they lost it? Idk lol I thought it may have just been the larger stores that got the master keys but maybe the store lost theirs or something?
  11. I lost keys to my one speedy b and had them use a key to unlock it at the store. I ended up buying a new lock and key for under $40.
  12. I purchased a Speedy 35 from Fashionphile which came without a key for the lock that was already attached. So I took a trip to the 34th St Heralds Square Louis Vuitton store in NYC, the SA took a look at the bag lock code number and went to the back and within 5 minutes came out with a replacement set of keys for free!:yahoo:
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  13. Wait what?! :shocked: Why not just buy a new bag? It's been almost 10 years, it's not really "your" bag anymore. What kind of condition is it in? Just curious why you must have this bag back. Is she giving it to you or selling it?

    You can buy a key off eBay.
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  14. It's a long story but it was my first ever and I never wanted to sell it I had to. It's in good shape and she gave it to me.
  15. QUOTE=PinkySpeedy;30163308]It's a long story but it was my first ever and I never wanted to sell it I had to. It's in good shape and she gave it to me.[/QUOTE]

    :love: Awwwww. What a sweet LV story. We need more of those on here. :P