Need a hug from an LV lover...

  1. So excited, got a Multicolore PTI off eBay for only $380 (including shipping!!!). Obviously pre-loved--why else would someone sell for practically half off retail? Went to LV flagship boutique this morning and it's definitely authentic.:yahoo:
    THEN, I came into work and rushed to my friend's office to show it off and she went "EWWWWW, you bought something USED?" and that was pretty representative of the other reactions I have gotten throughout the day. No one understands why I'm so happy about my (admittedly pre-loved) wallet! Waaaaah!
  2. Awww... CONGRATS on a fabulous deal and great purchase! Don't worry about what other people think, and just ENJOY it!
  3. I love pre-owned NOTHING wrong with it. Congratulations on the PTI!
  4. oh, poo on your friend for ruining your fun.

    You got a great deal, and I would be excited! Congrats!
  5. I wouldn't pay any attention to that. Does she know how much it costs new? Anyone who does, would see what a good deal you got. I hope you enjoy it!
  6. (sniffling) thanks guys. I needed a lift.
  7. she is just jealous. dont worry about it.
  8. haters..all of em! congrats on a great deal!!!
  9. Enjoy your new wallet...don't let the opinions of others sway you or get you down!
  10. You got an awesome wallet for an awesome don't let anyone ruin your fun!!

    She's probably just jealous.
  11. Wow... some friend! Congrats on your new wallet- enjoy it and love it. Don't let Negative Nancys ruin your happiness. :smile:
  12. heeheehee Negative Nancy. From now on I am only making friends with Louis-Lovin' Lucy.
  13. don't let it get you down. i'm sure a lot of us on this forum are owners of pre-owned items. but they are great and i love it. and what a steal they are at times. without them being preowned, i wouldn't be able to own some of the bags that i have. enjoy yours and we'll share your happiness w/ you.
  14. They're jealous! Ignore them! Don't worry what others think. Enjoy your new-to-you MC wallet! Congrats!
  15. *Hugs*

    Don't let anyone change how you feel about something you love! Enjoy it! : )