Need a Hayden-Harnett Recommendation

  1. So, I just recently discovered how beautiful HH bags are, and I've been browsing their website, this website, eBay and a few others getting a nice look at their bags. I would love to get one big enough to fit a few things in for school (a notebook, binder, and sometimes a laptop) but I'm having trouble determining the sizes of the bags. I'm awful when it comes to imagining dimensions, so if you guys could recommend something that would be a nice size that would be great!

    I've been eyeing a Nico in amethyst, but I'm afraid it's going to be HUGE. I need to look put together for school (ugh, professional school) so I don't really want a bag thats going to look sloppy if it's not full.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I believe my opinion is probably in the minority on here, but while it is my opinion that HH has gorgeous bags in beautiful colors that are versatile for so many situations in life (I own 12 HH bags and love them all!), I cannot see myself wearing any of their bags (with the exception of the Catalina) for a professional setting. When I say professional, I mean corporate/law professional. Granted, there are many "casual" professional settings where HH would work fine...but in a white shirt/black slacks or skirt/suit environment I would immediately say nay and advise you to go find something clean, polished, simple and with elegant lines in black or a beautiful versatile brown. (Bags that come to mind are Furla, Cole Haan, Prada, Chanel, Longchamp) (Cole Haan and Furla are OUTSTANDING companies who offer mid-priced handbags of exceptional quality, superb leather, and great value) Beyond that, something with handles and a shoulder strap for versatility and convenience (ex. laptop, files, books, shoulder wear).

    However, if I have just ran my mouth and you are speaking of a more casual professional setting, then I apologize immensely and hope someone can offer you better advice than my own! :yes:

    By the way, the Nico is indeed huge. Huge but beautiful and unique! Women will stop you on the street when you wear this bag.
  3. Hi: I agree with Gung and would look elsewhere if you are going for a professional looking bag. The only one that looks professional in my opinion is the catalina and I am not too happy with durability of that bag and would not recommend it since it scratches way too easy.
  4. Haha, it's not white shirt/black slacks professional. It's more of a nice top, nice pants and heels "professional". People deviate from the dress code like crazy and I am definitely more conservative in following the rules (not a rebel here, haha) and I'm actually looking for more of an... i don't know... edgy, trendy bag that can show a bit of personality. People at my school carry everything from backpacks (wheely ones even!!) to nice leather formal briefcases. I'm just looking for something stylish and roomy.

    My current bag is an Andy Warhol tote, so I think basically anything leather would be an upgrade on looking a bit more put together.

  5. *Nodding in agreement* I dont like the bag either, but it is the only one I would choose from HH's line if I had to have a professional bag
  6. Let me chime in on one of my HH bags that I just adore and think it may fit the bill for you.....the Dominique Satchel. There are several listed on eBay and I have the one in cream which is really a nice, darker color than the name suggests. My elderly uncle calls it my feminine attache case. Don't have a laptop to see if it will fit, but maybe someone else will chime in. If you want me to....list some stuff that you would normally put in and I'll do my best to fill it with same and will take a photo for you!
  7. I only take my laptop maybe once every two weeks, so that's the least important. As long as a notebook and a binder will fit, then the size would be okay. Any of the bags I've carried, my laptop kind of just stuck out of the top when I needed it.

    That satchel is very lovely! It's gorgeous and it's a great price.
  8. Okay....I'll get some pics to you, but it will be tomorrow with a binder, notebook and other stuff in it to give you an idea.....the pockets in front are just so useful....!
  9. Thanks! That's so nice of you. :smile:
  10. They've already been mention, but I the Dominique satchel and the Catalina are the only HH bags I can think of that are "professional" and could hold a laptop. The Sonia Tote is large enough but I'm not sure if it's strong enough to hold a laptop (someone else posted about reinforcing the bottom with cardboard).
  11. Be careful about your laptop fitting into those HH bags; I checked the measurements and mine would be too wide by a 1/2 inch or so.
  12. The Nico could hold all those things, but might be too unstructured to be a reliable work bag. You can put files and notebooks in there, but the way the Nico would hang off your shoulder, they'd get all bent. Your best test would be the boxier styles...Dominique, Gaza, Sonia, Catalina, Cannes, possibly the Pastis satchel.
  13. What do you ladies think the Nicco or the Hudson Triple Strap? I have a small frame and I'm only 5'2" so I think the Nicco will be too big for me?
  14. Hmph. I'm a lawyer and carry 2 HH's regularly to work: chocolate havana hobo and chestnut dominique (which I highly recommend for the OP).

    Just because a bag is slouchy (like my chocolate havana) does NOT make it unprofessional. And I don't have to turn into a MAN and carry just a briefcase to make it in the professional legal world.

    Besides, who carries their bag around the office, anyway?
  15. aliciamarie -
    photos, as promised.

    FYI - the binder is 1 1/2" thick, you could get a bigger binder in there, but nothing more than 2 1/2". I can close the bag with the binder in there without a problem....see second photo.
    Getting a laptop in there as well might be an issue.

    The bag can be hand carried, crook of arm, or shoulder without a problem.

    I've taken photos without flash and the one with flash so you can see the inside lining - it's so much fun!

    Hope this's a nice, fashionable AND functional alternative. By the by, love Andy too!

    Oh yes, there's a reptile print on the sides of the cream bag (some folks like it, others don't....I kinda like it)...I can't remember, but think the burgundy version doesn't have this pattern on the sides.

    I'm sure you know that the Dominiques are no longer available on the HH website - but "we know where we can find 'emmmm"....that auction site we all know!