Need a hair opinion

  1. I have had friends tell me to grow out my bangs, so I did. I don't know how I feel about it. I haven't done it in the past because I felt my forehead was to big/tall. So I need a very honest opinion. What do all you beauty bar ladies think. Bangs, no bangs, or side bangs. Thank you so much. :confused1:
    See profile pic or attached image
  2. I'd go with sort of "wispy" bangs look if you want to cover your forehead, but not have the full bangs look. Good luck!
  3. I love the way your hair is now! It's beautiful in that picture. However, I am one of those girls who just doesn't like bangs so I rarely vote for them. I have a large forehead as well but I have just learned to embrace it!
  4. I have a big/tall forehead too. My hair designer did a side bang on my hair and I feel that I look softer than before!
    I think you would look good with a side bang too!
  5. I love your hair now! It looks great on you.
  6. Get supermodel bangs! I was totally anti-bang, but once my Hair Designer commited supermodel bangs on me I was instantly hooked!
  7. What are super model bangs? I am interested.
  8. i think you could benefit from growing out some bangs. not the kind that come straight down but the to the side wispy kind like others have mentioned.
  9. Thanks ladies for all your feedback. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  10. You can go for a deeper parting.It's a mild left parting now right? Go a little deeper, and then get a wispy cut that frames the face.
  11. They come from a side part, and are long swoopy bangs that don't really have ends of hair on your actual forehead like traditional bangs, but the swoop. Sort of a Veronica Lake-Inspired principal, but not covering up a whole side of your face. The amount of the swoop that will touch your face will vary depending on what you and your stylist think will look best on you, and you will have some flexibility to play with it, maybe some days you will feel like a little more swoop, and other days you will want only a kiss of swoop.

    Will somebody who can write an intelligible description please help me out here?
  12. ^^^I may be wrong, but are you describing the long bangs Nicole Richie has/had?

    I think that would look great!
  13. Yes, she has them, it seems like pretty much anybody you see featured on E! a lot has them...
  14. You look pretty =D
  15. As not only a working hairstylist but a person with a similar face shape as you I can advise to definitely keep some bangs. Even if they're longer and side swept. The "perfect" face shape is oval and one's haircut should help present this shape as well as possible. I, like you have a longer forehead....I like to call it a fivehead, (Your forehead and chin area should be somewhat similar, with your features centered in the middle) so I must always wear some bangs to bring my "spoon face" back into balance. With the exception of your forehead being longer than one would like, you have a perfectly shaped face! I have a very square jawline so I must also wear softness framing that so that it takes the squareness off.
    If you want to grow the fringe section out, I would advise trying to sweep them forward and over to the side as opposed to back away from your face as you have them in this photo. It looks, however that your growth pattern may limit you from getting your hair to cooperate. From what I am guessing about the growth pattern, you may try to sweep the front across the forehead and back towards your ear by parting it over your right eye and wearing it that direction. Just my professional opinion.

    Hope that is helpful!