Need a grab-n-go bag! Help, girls!

  1. Because I promised Greentea I wouldn't buy anything while she was gone, I'm using this time more constructively...let's call it...research.

    I need what I'll call a "grab -n- go" bag. Something I can throw my keys, wallet & cell into for those quick trips to the video store or quick-stop for the milk I forgot at the supermarket. For those days when your slumming around the house in your really ratty Levi's and your DH's big old holey white button-down and you've got to run to the drugstore because DD just ran out of tampax. You know....when grabbing Kelly or HAC just seems like.....a little.....much.

    Any suggestions? Help! :flowers:
  2. If you want something more low key- I would go for a Garden Party. BUT if you are willing to go outside of Hermes, a Balenciaga City is the best for running errands and looks fabulous with jeans and a T!

    BTW love this "research!" Mu ha ha ha ha!
  3. Agree with Jag, Garden Party is a great grab-and go bag. Outside of Hermes, Longchamps Les Pliages.
  4. If we were to stay inside the World of Hermes and it's not a Vespa....what would you suggest? I like the Garden Party but it's kinda big. All I want is something that just holds the cell, wallet and keys....nothing bulky and probably a combo shoulder/handbag. I know I'm being very picky but if I'm not, then I'll buy just about everything I SEE!!!!!
  5. I don't know what the name of the bag is, but the little messenger style bag that some of the SAs at Hermes wear on teh floor is small enough to just throw your keys, wallet and go. It's a rectangular shaped bag- not big at all Shopmom! Might be exactly what you are looking for!
  6. I would recommend the Picotin, it comes in a PM and GM size. There are several on Ebay right now. Very much a grab n' go bag. Good luck !
  7. If you don't mind a sholder bag, I think the Masai PM (the GM is enormous..) is a very simple, effortless bag... and I love it's slight ethnical look...H copied it from a leather bag that the Masai people used, hence the name...I saw a pic of the original bags, and the shape is exactly the same...Otherwise, if you prefer a hand held bag, as has been suggested, the Garden Party...that's all I can think of for the moment...but I'll keep thinking, and maybe I'll come up with something else!!;)

    P.S. the Masai is also practical 'cause it has two different length sholder straps, a shorter one where the bag sits under your arm pit, and the longer one you can wear messenger style...
  8. Homme nitout, I believe it's called.
  9. i would say a trim in a nice colour or toile combo or outside hermès a vuitton speedy in epi leather or monogramm
  10. Doesn't the garden party come in a small enough size for you? For the grab and go? I think it does.

    Don't go for the one the SA's wear...don't do it shopmom.
  11. ^^^I know I like the Garden Party and LOVE the Trim! That is an excellent suggestion!
  12. The trim looks like just the thing for everyday use, and I really like the look of the orange rugby on jemzandjewels for casual use too. I have a feeling I may become its new champion.

    I am expecting a Picotin PM in the mail this week and will let you know how well it works. It's cute as can be, but I somehow think it's less than spill-proof, which is something I definitely demand in my hectic lifestyle.
  13. for grab' n go errands I use my little denim mini pleaty or my lil wapity.
    I also have a little black Hobo Int'l messenger bag I use.
  14. Just for that...27cm bolide !:yes: casual, but still clearly a hermes bag, and in a dark color can double for evening bag:flowers: