Need a good tailor for Chanel jacket...

  1. Hi, I need to alter my chanel jacket after i had my son. but don't know if i could bring it back to the chanel boutique or an outside tailor. Does anyone know of a trustworthy one in the new york city area?
  2. I took my jacket to get tailored at the Chanel on 57th. They did a great job and I felt confident leaving it with them.
  3. I would definately bring the jacket back to the Chanel boutique. The seams allows for the jacket to be let out about 2-3 sizes. Also, the Chanel tailors specialize in making the seams match up, and that might be a problem for someone that has not been to properly trained to handle a Chanel. For example, if there is say a checkered pattern, an untrained tailor may make the sleeves not line up with the body of the suit, whereas a Chanel tailor will match up the patterns perfectly. The Chanel suit is very unique and made like no other.

    You may have to pay a fee, but it is well worth it to have in a trained professional's hands!
  4. I wouldn't take it to the more trusted tailor in the city, I would go straight to Chanel.
  5. Thank you all! Now I'm definitely gonna take them to the boutique.