Need a good summer RM HELP???

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  1. Ok so my first RM was the wine MAM. Lovin it
    But I want another style about the same size. Maybe a Nikki? Night blue or something in the rosegold or that tannish color (not elephant) the one on the Market tote. Anyway what style- color would be a good spring-summer bag. Also liking the red on red patent MAM!! OH BOY I'm doomed to be broke!:wtf:
  2. I think the MAM in Rosegold would make a great summer bag.
  3. the nikki is pretty gorgeous. i'm not sure what colors are scheduled to come up but it is a nice alternative to the MAM. if you want another MAM i would suggest something bright like tangerine or persimmon (pre-fall).
  4. I think that the nikki is a bit larger than the MAM.
    I personaly love the fuschia with gold MAB and the Tangerine MAB for summer- good luck with your decision -and whichever one you choose I'm sure will be gorgeous!
  5. Orange MAM for sumemr the color is very pretty and a perfect punch for summer
  6. Tangerine, Dusty, Stone, Sterling, Ocean, and Yellow would all be great for spring/summer.
  7. I think Yellow would be great for spring and summer. I love the bright pop of color!
  8. i think the tangerine is perfect! Its good for SPRING, SUMMER, AND FALL! Actually i'll probably even be wearing the bag till the very last day of november! Thanksgiving spirit!

    or the fuschia with gold bottom is TDF IMO. I just couldn't pull it off with my wardrobe!
  9. Well, the Wine MAM is a fantastic starter RM bag! The Nikki in Night Blue is gorgy too and Im sure you will be happy with that. I really like the Stone MAM and the Rosegold color.:yes:
  10. WOW thanks guys, I just love this forum! And RM of course. (GUNG you're bags are awesome! I need that night blue one!
    I am thinking I might go with the yellow or tangerine!