Need a good laugh... come on in

  1. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Oh Man! I totally needed that.
  2. i don't get it
  3. Look at the leather tab on the lock :upsidedown:
    and the 'Chloe' patches under the strap rings :lol:
  4. This bag has been aon eBay for a while - it's been the subject of debate here in the Chloe forums as well, including on the ATC and in another thread (can't remember which). I think the jury was still out on this one, as it appears authentic but may simply hae a quality control issue...

    Are you saying it's definitely fake, chicbags/ali w? :shrugs:
  5. ^^ I have never seen a Chloe bag with the the upside down print on the lock or the heatstamp under the strap. However, I had I only seen the leather I would have thought it was real.
    Weather its a fake or a quality control issue I wouldn't pay for
    especially not what their asking:nogood:.....
  6. ^ agree; it's a high price for a bag with a QC probem, and a ridiculous price for a fake LOL!

    I wonder if the seller bought it at a discount?
  7. ha ha!!

    It could be quality control. I have a paddington (purchased from a lovely tpf member), whose plate has been attached upside down, but its absolutely authentic.

    You know what Chloe is like with their quality control!!:p
  8. ^:wtf: really? I've never ever heard of that before! I guess Chloe QC problems are not unheard of then!
  9. unfortunately not
  10. ^ Sorry casper, I hope that didn't come out like "you have a QC problem bag" - rereading it now, it does sound a bit unfriendly. I'm a bit hyped up about QC at the moment, given it's been discussed quite a bit over the few days, in multiple threads. I just hadn't heard of QC problems until recently; as long as the bag is authentic however, I am happy!
  11. Oh no, I didn't take any offence to it. Don't worry, its all good.:tup:

    I actually like that she has a little quirk, it makes her unique.

    hmm, i know... i've also been reading the diabro thread. Its all a bit scary.
  12. Has a Nieman Marcus tag on it...? Still, QC missed the check on that one.

    I couldn't see it until I saw the lock...:;):
  13. Wow - I have never heard of that before...I want to say "poor seller", but why did she get it in the first place... It is unfortunate, but Chloe should take responsibility for it! Don't you think??!!
  14. Not sure about this one, although it does look good, except for the Chloe misprints, however, that does happen, I called the Chloe boutique a few months ago, asking about a white or off-white Bay on sale, and was told that they had only one, but the Chloe plate on front was upside down. They were selling it from the Chloe boutique like that---I couldn't believe it.