Need a good apple recipe

  1. I make apple crisp a lot, but I'm looking for something new. We have fresh picked apples from this weekend, it's a cold fall night outside, and I'm wanting something smelling good from the kitchen!! :P

    Any ideas??
  2. I did baked Apple Dumplings stuffed with almonds and dried fruit for Thanksgiving and served them with a caramel sauce and creme anglaise. They turned out really well.
  3. Sounds yummy! Do you have a recipe?
  4. Sorry, didn't get back to you faster. These are really good with firm tart apples
    Here it is
    Pastry - yield for 4 small apples
    2 cups ap flour
    9 tbl butter
    1/3 cup sugar
    pinch salt
    1 egg

    1/2 cup almonds blanched
    various dried fruit to make up one cup- I used cranberries, currants and sour cherries
    3 tbl honey
    shot of rum or whisky
    Combine all ingredients in a small bowl

    You can do the pastry by hand or in a food processer using the pulse button - just combine all ingredients until they just hold together and chill in the fridge for an hour or so
    Peel and core apples
    Stuff with the stuffing
    Roll out the pastry to 1/8 inche on a floured surface - you have to work fast, if it gets too sticky just re-chill it
    Cut out a circle and wrap the apple
    You can cut out leaves with the extra dough to cover the seam at the top if you want
    Chill the covered apples
    Brush with egg yolk and a bit of water right before baking them at 375 for 30 min - I hate baking times - wait until the pastry is golden and a bit brown. You can test the apples using a cake tester. I like them to be still a little firm.

    Hope you enjoy them