Need a "going out" bag

  1. I NEVER and mean NEVER carry a small bag, so this is foreign territory for me. Would this be an appropriate bag for going out and quick errands on the weekend with the kids??? I figure it would hold my mini skinny, cell, lipstick and maybe sunglasses. And would this small of a bag look odd on a tall gal?
  2. I have this bag and I'm 5'8'' and it will hold A LOT! Cell phone, mini skinny, keys, sunglasses, lots of stuff, it's really amazing. It's a GREAT bag. I'd definitely recommend it!
  3. It's an adorable bag! I don't know how much it will hold, but I think for your purposes it's versatille enough.
  4. thanks Sarah. I've always loved the black/white signature combos and always been intrigued by this bag. thanks!

  5. I hope I was able to help! I'm sure if you purchase it you will be very happy with it! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. Enjoy and if you get it please post pics! :yes:
  6. you just made this huge grand statement about how you're leaving and yet here you are still posting, I know see why the other girls talk about not getting it and how it looks like a cry for attention, what is up?
  7. messengerbaglover - I think that would be an adorable choice for a going out bag... Also, I like the Zoe - but it more a clutch and doesn't go on your shoulder....

    The smallest Carly is cute for going out too... Good luck!
  8. Could you have possibly posted this elsewhere or pmed, instead of taking over someone else's thread?

  9. I am sorry for that, I was just confused by her continuing to post when she made her goodbye post. I truly apologize for busting the thread messengerbaglover

    so, to make amends, I will answer the post

    Messengerbaglover, I am very tall too, average size, and I think the demi is a little small on me, but that' sjust my opinion, maybe one of the clutch bags or even a large wristlet, that way you wouldn't worry about it looking little up under your shoulder but you'd still be able to fit stuff.

  10. I'm sorry. I was trying to help her because I have this bag. please don't vilify me.
  11. I thought about the small Carly - but for $238 I didn't like it as well. :p this one is only $158 :yes:
  12. I REALLY like this bag and I might end up getting it too! Get it get it!
  13. It looks perfect for a going out and about and for when you don't want to carry a large bag.
  14. Beautiful bag. Looks comfy and like an ideal small bag for those quick trips.

    Back off and leave her be...if she wants to stay DON'T persecute her.
  15. if you kept reading, i did apologize for interrupting the thread

    let's move on, it's a good thread, she wants some help, lets help her