*Need a Friendly Advice from Chloe Experts about a bag*

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  1. LADIES, i was wondering if anyone owns this purse, i put it on hld for myself at a store yesterday but now i am not really sure if i should get it or not..Its in white and i am not sure whether its a good idea to get a white bag, but its sooo pretty and seems to be so versatile! What do you think?? Pleaaase Help:smile:
  2. I don't have that Chloe bag but I do have a few Chloes and they wear very well. Is the bag on sale? I think I've seen that style on Neiman's sale site as well as Overstock.
  3. yes the bag is on sale - i think its 1000 right now. I am not sure how much it was originally!
  4. Its a beautiful bag, the leather is sumptious on the hobo and I really dont think it will be too high maintenance.

    I would definately purchase it on sale if you have the chance. Even on sales items, can you return it, if you are unsure?

    I love it
  5. I saw a girl carrying that bag this morning and I loved it. I made a mental note to myself to check them out the next time I was shopping for Chloe purses...
  6. I am sure I can return it if i change my mind, but i know if I get it i will never want to take it back lol
    I guess I am just going to get it...i am only worried that its white and i never had a white purse before
  7. I wouldn't worry about the colour... just give it a wipe once in a while if you are worried about dirt...

    I just got myself a white Edith yesterday. I never even thought twice about the colour... I just knew that I wanted that purse for the summer.
  8. I think it's a very pretty bag. It's shoulder held so I think the weight will be easily supported. If you are worried about dirt on a cream colored bags there are products that you can use to water proof it and clean the leather as well. You can use Apple Guard or LMB products. Don't let the fear of getting it dirty deter you!
  9. Thank you so much everyone :smile: I am feeling more certain about my choice now! I think i will pick it up tomorrow :smile: It seems to be a very roomy bag!!
  10. oh fab, so glad you are going for it. Post lots of piccies please, and dont worry too much about the colour, it is not a stark white, its got lovely undertones, so wont show the dirt too badly I am sure :smile: