Need a fantastic wallet!

  1. I'm thinking about getting a new wallet and I need recommendations. It can either be a long wallet or a french style - but it needs to be pretty and functional.

    Any recs? :flowers:
  2. Chanel or Hermes (Bearn/dogon). Here is a pic of my Chanel:


  3. totally go with LV PTI

  4. I love your wallet!
  5. I highly recommed Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet. It can be used as a clutch, it has lots of compartments and is just gorgeous!
  6. I am currently in love with this in the pomme d'amour color.

  7. I second the recommendation for a Marc Jacobs zip clutch. I don't yet have one but it is certainly on my wishlist!
  8. I second that! I have one and it is not only versatile but the leather is resilent against water and scuffing.:love:
  9. LV's canvas wallets -- damier or mono -- are very well made and long wearing wallets. Tons of styles.