Need a fall jacket- help!

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  1. Hello all,

    It's starting to get chilly here and I need a light weight fall jacket. I buy a large majority of my clothes at J.Crew but they don't really have anything that fits the bill right now. I have plenty of wool, winter weight pea coats and other coats, so I want something that will help transition me through fall, for temperatures above 50 degrees and up to about 65.

    In years past I've worn a Mountain Hardware fleece, but I recently revamped my wardrobe and I don't think it really fits my style. I want something that will look cute with skinny jeans and a sweater and work just as well with regular jeans and a perfect fit tee.

    I'm hoping not to spend more than 150 but will go a little higher if necessary. Oh, and no blazer styled jackets, I have plenty of those too, but I want something I can wear everyday, an actual piece of outerwear.

  2. I would get a nice leathe rjacket biker style
  3. Oh I should have mentioned, I don't want leather, or pleather, or anything that resembles leather. It's just not my cup of tea.

    Other than that I'm open to a wide variety of things... but really want something that is long enough to go past at least my belt loops (I'm 5'9") and isn't a rain coat type deal.
  4. Zara has many outerwear options out right now...

    I've tried this on in person and it's a nice, lighter weight cotton/moleskin material...don't know why it's called a squareneck raincoat since it isn't either...maybe it's an error by the website:confused1:

    Or how 'bout a tweed coat?

    You could also try a cropped trench or a military-style jacket.
  5. The zara ones are very cute but definitely heavier than I think I need quite yet. I have a peacoat for when it's colder and some other wool coats, so I want something that will work when it's like 60 out, so probably no wool and nothing mid thigh. I will roast walking to class.
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    I'd go for a trenchcoat (or trench jacket if you want a shorter length) or perhaps a chunky cardigan. The first option is great because it's rainproof. The latter is great because you can layer it under heavier coats later on. If wool cardigans are too much for you at the moment, choose something in a wool/cotton or wool/silk blend. I believe Gap also had a few jackets (not blazers) in cotton-blend materials that were suitable for Fall.
  7. I HATE trench coats, and that is not thick enough for the the weather here. I need something with an insulated thin lining, just not quite as thick as a winter coat.

    A cardigan won't work, I feel weird wearing the same cardigan every day. I have lots of cardigans and need something to wear on TOP.

    Any ideas where to look? I appreciate all the suggestions but none of them have really been for a warm jacket, which is what this piece has to be.
  8. i was about to suggest most of the above but looks like you pretty much shot everything down. so i guess i got nothing for ya except try to layering..
  9. That is waht I keep coming back too- but I tried it on and I am not sure if it is too stiff... it also isn't lined so I don't know if it's heavy enough.

    I guess I am being difficult, I am just looking for something very specific and having trouble articulating it! The J.Crew one is spot on, or the J.Crew Minnie from last year in a lighter material, just something cute and preppy but not a North Face Fleece if that makes any sense.
  10. That's a long list of things you don't want, the most common things for fall would be a trench or a light weight leather and you don't want either of those. Just wear a sweater and be done with it then (oops, just aw you don't want a sweater either, never mind, I have no clue)