need a dress

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  1. first i wanted everybody's opinion on this dress (just as an everyday throw on dress)

    image from

    and second, i have my first barristers ball coming up on march 4th (which from what i've gathered is a law school formal which involves drinking/dancing) and was wondering if any of the ladies here had any suggestions for an appropriate dress.......i'd rather be underdressed than overdressed so i'm thinking nothing floor length (not sure just how formal this thing is).....

    i don't have the biggest chest and i'm kinda self conscious about my lower half so nething that's not too clingy on the bottom would be appreciated :biggrin:

    oh and i don't want to spend too much on the dress since i'd only be wearing it once.......under $250 would be nice if possible......unless it's stunning :P
  2. About a year at my old job I had to work at some formal parties (I assisted in the event planning dept at my old job on occasion) and the law school balls and mba formals were quite, well, formal. Most of the women were in long gowns or really dressy cocktail attire. Maybe somewhere your school has pictures from past balls posted on their website or something? Then you can get a sense of how they're dressing, but that was my experience with them.

    As for shopping, I always have great luck getting dresses on sale at Bloomies...I can't rationalize spending a lot on dresses I'll only wear once either.
  3. just so u have an idea of my taste i'm kinda liking these three dresses (all over budget tho)

  4. I'd ask other people who are going what they're going to wear. I don't like that dress, but only because I don't green. if only if were another color.
  5. I like the first dress of the two black ones. =) The model kinda looks like you. hehe
  6. thank u that's sosososo flattering :P

    i like it too cuz it has pockets........i looooooooooooove pockets
  7. not sure about this one but seems like an evening dress

  8. think the black dresses are beautiful. I would go with the third.Black is always a good colour for all events.
  9. I like it! I think Tanja's right, black is always a good color.
  10. can never go wrong with a lil' black dress!

    i like the three black ones you posted...where are they from? i like the braided detail!
  11. the first is diane von furstenburg and the last two are marc by marc jacobs......

    i love the braided detail too but it's $400 and i'm kinda hesitant about the no back just cuz then i can't wear a bra........
  12. You carnt go wrong with a little black dress.
  13. try a simple long black skirt, paired with a beautiful white shirt on top- perhaps tied at the waist with an embellished white tank under it. since it is a law school event, present yourself as the ultimate professional- you will see these people personally and professionally for MANY years to come!
    my husband is a lawyer, and still recalls stories of the women who "overdid it" in his class... not how you want to be remembered.
  14. what about some dressy palazzo pants and a killer blouse or top? That way, you can kind of reuse the pieces at different events--plus, my husband is an attorney, and at the barrister's balls I went to, people either wore super fancy (sequin overload) dresses, or really nice dressy separates--like the palazzo pant and killer top idea. You could wear the pants with other work gear, and then recycle the top with a cute pair of jeans.
  15. I agree, plus you will always be able to wear it again :biggrin: