Need a dog that will get along with my pomeranian.

  1. I have alittle pom (Thor) who is - well, kind of an a-hole when it comes to other dogs. Not all dogs but he often gets an attitude and tries to dominate (he's the reason people hate little dogs - yappy and dominant).

    We are going to be moving to an acreage and we want to get another dog - a larger one that my boys (2 $ 4 years old) can play with (Thor isn't a 'play with the toddlers' kind of dog).

    Any recomendations on larger dogs we could get. Of course if it will upset Thor we won't do it but we would like to have another dog and have a happy Thor too.
    Thanks =)
  2. I would call a pomeranian society/breeder and ask someone.....they can probably give specific recommendations.

    Most labradors and retrievers get along with almost any breed.
  3. I understand where you're coming from. I have three dogs, two of which are Keeshonds. They're from the same family as Pomeranians, but they're bigger. I think they're personalities are similar, though. I've read they tend to prefer only dogs of their same breed. I firmly believe this, having witnessed their encounters with other non-Keeshonds over the years.

    Maybe another cute, lovable Pomeranian is the answer? They are adorable!
  4. I don't think that the breed of the dog matters when getting another dog as much as finding the right personality for your family and making sure that you introduce them correctly. I've rescued several dogs from a large St Bernard/English Setter mix to a tiny chihuahua/brussles griffon mix (those two got along). If you get another dog that isn't dominant and make sure that you remain in command (as the alpha of the pack), then any two dogs can peacefully co-exist.

    If you are looking for a dog to be a companion and playmate to your Pom, then I've found that small dogs usually prefer other small dogs.

    Good luck
  5. You may want to adopt a large older dog (>4years). Reasoning being that a young large dog could potentially injure your little pom with energetic puppy play. I would suggest taking your little-big guy with you to the Humane Society/Pet Rescue to check temperament compatibilities before you make a final decision on who to bring home. I totally agree that breed likely will play little role in an appropriate fit... I truly believe that age is key.
  6. How about a pug there a little larger & like to play
  7. Good idea - I'll email the breeder - thanks.

    Heck no! I LOVE my dog but he's not good with kids - I don't want 2 of them ;)

    Ya - I just figured if I started with a breed (or breeds) in mind then when I go to the shelter I can look for dogs of that breed or with some of that breed in them KWIM?

    Interesting idea - I was kidn of thinking I wanted a puppy so that he would start off small and then Thor would ssee him grow - instead of just introducing a big dog in. (Thor is 7lbs so most dogs are 'large' to him.)

    I LOVE pugs but aren't they kind of tiny? I need something that will play with my boys a little more. Hmmm - I'll research pugs ;) Thanks
  8. Oh, that's true of my keeshonds too. I had forgotten about that. In that case, I agree with other posters who have suggested an easy-going lab.

  9. I'm just taking a guess here, but it sounds like any dog/breed is going to upset Thor (him being an a-hole and all). So I would go right ahead, (do lots of research into the various breeds that take your fancy and are suitable for your boys to play with), and buy the dog that suited my family. As for Thor...he'll get over it. I would definitely not let a bossy wee a-hole dictate whether or not my children had a nice dog to play with.
    I have heard that Golden Retrievers have lovely temperaments, both with people and other animals. Good luck.
  10. getting another dog may make things worse... i have a cocker who only got along with dog smaller than he, after a pitbull attack. boats was such a quiet, and sweet dog, until we got our boston terrier. boats doesn't know how to play with her with out barking constantly, and trying to hump her. other than that they are best friends, and he sees her as a member of his pack. he does not like when other dogs go near her...
  11. I think your pom will adjust. My mom has a pom and they also have a lab/shepard mix that was a rescue. The pom hates other dogs, except the lab. However, she tolerates my dog. She is getting used to him and everytime we visit, she is more relaxed and is dealing with it. Your Thor may be in the same boat. We've always had poms and there can be such divas, to say the least. But, they get over it and will accept other pets when they are forced to and realize that they are still loved. (Funny side note- my mom had a pom when my younger brother was born and Toto got so ticked off when she brought the baby home- they did the introductions and what not. Toto refused to come to her for weeks and would just glare and growl at her, until my brother had been w/ us about a month or so and then she just gave up. She seemed to be saying, take that thing back where you got it!)

    As for grown dog v. puppy, we've always found that the existing pets get along better w/ a new puppy or kitten. If Thor has issues w/ other dogs, the fact that the dog is a puppy could help him adjust. It does seem that dogs seem to sense when another is a pup, at least in my experience.