Need a design opinion please!

Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
I know we probably have some design gurus here and I am torn as to whether this design will go in my house and wondering if others can give me their opinion.

I need a new chandelier for my dining room since my old one was destroyed.
I have included a few photos of my house to give an idea of the design of my house and the chandelier. I have loved this chandelier for years, just unsure whether it will fit in my style. I do have a collection of Swarvoski crystals that I have had for years as they did fit into my old style, but in my new house, I never put them out. The choices are either this crystal chandelier or a basic, drum shade one like the light in my kitchen nook. Please give me your opinions!

Pic #1 - Dining room
Pic #2 - Kitchen. Looking through from dining room
Pic #3 - Living room. Can see the living room from dining room
Pic #4 - Chandelier - will this go?




Jul 3, 2007
I think your house should be a collection of things you love so if you love it then it's perfect.:tup: I used to work so hard to make sure everything "worked" when decorating. We built our current home 2 years ago and the only things I kept were those things I needed or loved. Now I only buy things I love and I don't worry anything else and this is by far my favorite, most 'me' house I've had.

It's a beautiful chandelier!:smile:


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Feb 18, 2007
i think it will go well with the style of your house! The chandelier is a bit more modern, and from what i can see - your house is a bit modern as well. I do think the squareness of it all looks great - but some may think it is too square (square table, square chairs, square chandelier -etc) but i think you can always break that up with circular plates etc.

or just go with it if you love it!


Jan 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I think it would look great over the dining room table. The shape of it would go nicely with the shape of the table. It's really pretty ... you should definitely try to work it in!


Mar 17, 2007
I think it will work, however, with a suspended track as your picture shows, you may encounter technical issues because of the sloped ceiling in the dining room.

Or are you saying that you have the crystals from that chandelier and want to make something new with them? Because you can do that too. Which I think would be quite lovely.
Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
Thanks all. I'm still considering it but really need to make a decision soon as I've bee living without a dining room light for 6 months now. :rolleyes:

My dining room ceiling is sloped, but lights and chandeliers are usually adjustable on one side to account for that. I'll double check though since I really didnt even think about it as I've never had problems with other lights. Thanks!


Jan 3, 2008
It would look nice if it is adjustable on on side, but not if it is sloped. I do love that chandelier, but I think something in a different shape would break up the rectangles in the room a little more.