Need a deep conditioning treatment

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  1. 2 days ago, I used the same boxed highlight kit I always get. I've used them at least 5 times prior. Well, this last time the results were pretty horrible. My natural hair color is a medium to light brown. I like some caramel highlights, they hide the 2 or 3 grey hairs I have. LOL
    Somehow this time, the color bled, and it turned my bangs and the sides of my hair (the parts that frame my face!!!) platinum blond!! UGH! I left it alone for a day, but could not bear to go to Christmas looking like this. So, I went back to the store and bought a light brown hair color kit , and redyed my hair. ( I tried calling the salon I go to, but they were closed for the holidays)
    Thank God it didn't turn any weird color (yet...), and it covered the horrible highlights nicely. I'd really like to deep condition my hair, since I put it through heck. I'm shocked that it didn't become dry and straw-like. I was terrified that it was going to break off in clumps.:s Can anyone recommend a really good deep conditioning treatment?
  2. Aveda Damage Remedy is all you need. It will completely turn your hair around. Also, since you've got color Pureology has a good deep conditioner.
  3. If you can't find the above two types, Biolage ultra hydrating conditioning balm (for ultra dry hair, not the regular conditioning balm although that's a great option) will absolutely bathe your hair in moisture. And lots of salons that have Matrix have this product, it comes in an 8 oz tube like their smaller shampoos and conditioners. Purple markings on the bottle!
  4. Thank you both so much for your recommendations. :tup: I'll stop after work and see if I can find any of these brands.
  5. Whatever treatment you get try to use it in the sauna. I do a deep conditioning on my hair every other week and found that the heat from the sauna really helps.
  6. Buy a heat cap for the drugstore or a beauty supply store, any good conditioner will work great with it. My friend literally destroys her hair with bleach highlights and spot perming. She has done this for over 30 years but she uses the heat cap 2-3 times a week and her hair is super soft and her color is very pretty.
    Good luck.
  7. Pureology ReconstructRepair is one of the best I've used. They use fine ingredients that do not damage hair and they use natural essential oils and the smell is so theraputic and amazing. My hair always feels soft after I use it.
  8. i've just recently gone through the same trauma... my regular hairstylist went out of town for the holidays, so i ended up going to someone else, that SOMEONE ELSE got distracted because of overbookings and ended up bleaching my beautiful thick black hair with streaks of platinum blond!!!!!!!!! :cursing: so after consulting various hairstylist, this is basically the outcome... basically your hair is experiencing trauma (going white) from colouring gone wrong, its because they're depleted of protein. SO.. you need to get some of that protein in your hair or else its not even going to take in anymore colour for you to fix it.

    use REDKEN intense treatment.. it comes in a see through/dark blue small box. or if you want a cheaper home remedy... 2 eggs, 3 tbs of mayo, 2 tbs olive oil, leave in for 20-30 mins. shampoo before treatment, leave hair damp, put stuff in, shampoo and condition as usual afterwards. :tup:

    good luck!
  9. I love deep conditioners..I agree with Candace's recommendations. For leave in conditioners, I use Biosilk silk therapy. It smells really good and it's so easy to use. Everyday before I go out, as part of my makeup routine, I put some of this on my roots. It leaves your hair shiny and the smell stays with you for a couple hours.
  10. Use bumble and bumble damage therapy....keep it on for a while..ITS A HAIR MIRACLE!LOL!...good luck!
  11. Another vote for Biolage! It really penetrates into the hair instead of just coating the outer layer..definitely try it!
  12. ^I used to use Biolage too..its very good..but i found BUMBLE AND BUMBLE to b longer lasting in terms of healthy looking hair
  13. I second this!! Jill got me hooked on it, and then I got my mom hooked on it! Completely amazing stuff!
  14. Do they only sell B&B at their salons? Or is there a place I can buy this online? I'm so glad everyone is giving me such wonderful suggestions, I really had no idea where to even start. Thank you so much. :flowers:
  15. I think that carries some bumble and bumble, but I'm not sure on the deep conditioner. I've used the Biolage one and really like that. I bought it at one of those hair salons inside of Wal-mart. JC Penney hair salons also carry it. Good luck, Melissa!