Need a Cute Decent Sized Designer Tote

  1. Hi !! I'm new on purse forum :smile:
    I'm currently looking for a nice tote that is not HUGE but big enough to hold a laptop. I'd prefer something light (don't think I can handle weight like a Paddington if I wanna stuff a computer in there), something more fun than a plain black tote
    I was looking at a few Chanel ones but they were a bit too black for my liking
    Would love to see any other would be great !!

    thanks so much =)
  2. Welcome to the tPF!

    What kind of price range? Something business-y or more fun?
  3. Also are you looking for leather or any colors in mind?
  4. Hi :smile:
    I don't have a price range, looking for something nice
    I prefer calf leather, or something more durable
    Something more fun fore sure :smile:
  5. If you want something fun with a lot of details, I'd say check out Tano bags. A lot of people are loving them and they come in great colors and aren't that expensive at all. Which means you have purchase 2/3 bags instead of one!!! :graucho:
  6. thank you !!
    I've never heard about Tano but will definitely check it out :smile:
  7. Have you looked into Gryson Olivia's? Maybe the woven ones?
  8. Prada has some nice nylon totes. Most are black, but some come in other colors. Also try Their store brand has some lovely totes, that aren't terribly pricey.
  9. You can check out the Marc By Marc Jacobs totes too. There was a really cute one listed under the blog that I can't think of the was like $400 something I think...
  10. I just saw the links that mockinglee's the Quinn tote. It's cute!
  11. Try MZ Wallace. I keep saying they have the cutest array of work totes ever! Great company to deal with as well.
  12. The classic Bottega Veneta Cabat comes in many different sizes and colors.
  13. check out, they have some nice unique totes.

  14. Two more ideas....

    Anna Corinna Jet Setter Jr. in Aqua (I looooove this one, totally want one)

    Hayden-Harnett Sonia Tote (elephant grey and yam colors look great)