Need a comb?

  1. Am the only one who think hair comb is like a toothbrush? Too personal and I can't share. The quirk I have ( one of them) , I ask my hairdresser to use my own hair comb when she brush my hair. Luckily she's very nice lady:P

    I guess this one is considered as collection item:


    Here's the link if anyone is interested:

    Item 848463079 (Louis Vuitton Monogram Comb with Cover)
  2. The comb is dirty... gross
  3. That's gross...
  4. ^^I'm sorry but that's just rude. Bagsnbags just shared something personal and that's your reply?
  5. Sharing combs is a no-no, I agree. I've never noticed that little case before.
  6. I never thought of that Nita. My hair dresser has this blue water (disinfectant) where she puts he combs. I guess I'll suggest to her about bringing my own comb. I am not much of a germaphoib(sp) but I do know you can catch fungus and dandruff by using other people's comb.
  7. Gross not dandruff but you can get LICE. NASTY
    So someone is selling this on ebay?
  8. louis vuitton makes combs? I have a lot to learn
  9. ^^ LV makes VIP items to give away to their frequent buyers and when they have their parties etc. There are quite a few cute stuff out there that LV produced as VIP items such as deck of cards, chop sticks, book markers, etc.
  10. agreed!

  11. LOL..that's ok that's not my comb...:roflmfao: no one can have or borrow my comb :roflmfao:

  12. :yes: :yes: ..I've been using my own comb to the hairdresser for while now. I will stick to the same place if they let me use my own brush. I start doing it after I had dandruff from hairdresser brush. After that I got all paranoid..Imagine having fungus, lice, dandruff with long hair??

  13. eeew. tat's scary. now I'm paranoid :wtf:
  14. lol gross why would someone buy a used comb
  15. No worries JoJo...that blue stuff is to disinfect and is required by law. State health inspectors would fine the salon if they were not using it. Of course any salon can have lax employees which was probably the case with bagsnbags, but overall, you should have no trouble if you see that your stylist has removed a comb from the solution to use on you. But by all means, if you don't trust that you're getting a clean and properly disinfected comb used on you, request it (or find a more reputable salon if you notice they aren't up to par)