Need a coiffeur/hairstylist in Paris

  1. Help me find a new stylist in Paris. I haven't had my haircut since October and I'm afraid to use a new coiffeur and my old coiffeur didn't give me the "warm fuzzie" feeling last time :sad:

    Price is not an issue. My DH will pay anything if I find a stylist I'm happy with.

    Language is not an issue. I speak just enough French to buy groceries, deal with utility companies on the phone, converse with the shop keepers and make new French friends.

    What are my issues? My first try at a stylist ended up passing me off to an apprentice after I showed up because the stylist I had an appointment with claimed to be running late (but appeared to have had a last minute regular pop in for a style). The apprentice gave me *the* style my husband and I detest :sad: My second and last stylist spoke english, was really down to earth, but I think he prefers "influential" clients. I'm definitely the anti-thesis of influential -- and I like my anonymity. Yet I like having great service too.

    Any suggestions?