Need a clutch recommendation

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  1. I need help deciding on a clutch to buy - I'm looking for an oversized leather envelope clutch, and I was hoping for some suggestions... just not the Balenciaga one, since my sister has that already. Thanks!
  2. do you have a price limit?
    what about designer preference?

    Marc Jacobs has some gorgeous clutches this season
    they're made from textured leather and they are so lady like and refined
    it's called the Garbo Clutch and comes in several diff colors & retails for $1195
    This is the Dark Brown (my fav is the Mouse!)


    If the MJ one is a little too pricey for you, there's a popular Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch - the Airliner Clutch. ShopBop also has a newer/similar clutch - the Totally Turnlock Magazine Clutch/Messenger Bag that comes with a detachable strap so you can carry it as a shoulder bag
    this one's only $348


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  3. The Marc Jacobs Garbo would have been my first pick, so I'll suggest Tory Burch. It has the option of a chain, which is a bonus.
  4. I remember that Marni made one that was to die for. It is a couple of seasons old, but pops up on eBay a lot.
  5. That MJ Garbo is gorgeous!
  6. Have a look at Furla, I have a couple of their clutches, fabulous quality and good classics!
  7. love the MJ :love:
  8. Omg I have to try so hard not to add that MJ to my wishlist, it is TDF!
  9. I second the AW Jena clutch :biggrin:
  10. Another vote here!
  11. Ah - but what about the Proenza Schouler Pouchette (so many colors!?) Or the crazy Margiela sheepskin foldover clutch?!