Need a City - what color??

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  1. I really want a city....I have a caramel first and ink twiggy. I like emerald, bordeaux, black....Should I get one of those colors or wait for the new grenat? What do you all think?

  2. Well, if you can wait, I'd say see what the grenat ends up looking like. If not, I'd go for the bordeaux as it would really round out the colors in your collection.
  3. I agree with Smallfry!
  4. If you cant get it go for the bordeaux. Its beautiful!
  5. I would say the Bordeaux or the emerald, both great colors
  6. I think you should wait for the Grenat...but if you must get it now then I would go with the Emerald. I think it's absolutely stunning :biggrin:
  7. if you can hold out, i reckon you should wait for the grenat but if you can't wait i reckon you should go for the bordeaux or uniform black

    good luck on what you decide!
  8. It depends upon your wardrobe, etc. But, you can always get black. I would say emerald or bordeaux.
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