Need a brown bag - rox or mabel? please help

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  1. hi there
    just wandered what you all thought.... i need a brown bag - and love mabel but not sure about the antique leather so should i go for a roxanne - which i will wont be able to afford for a couple of months. I've dont have a Roxanne so not sure about how heavy it would be etc but i love my orange mabel so really dont know which to choose - your thoughts would be appreciated?!!

    many thanks
  2. I don't have either, so probably can't be of much help :shame: Just wanted to check though if you have seen the Mabel in chocolate saddle leather - it's completely different to the antique, and very stunning IMO :tup:

    Jackie has a purse in this leather and I know she a posted a pic somewhere. If I can find it I'll bump for you.

    Re. the Rox, definitely one to try in order to see how it works for you. It's a classic style (as is Mabel now really) and looks fab in chocolate. Loads of the girls love theirs, but some find the weight and strap issue a bit problematic. Really down to personal preference I think.
  3. Etalb, my choice would be the choc mabel - mabel is a lovely bag.

    I don't have a standard Roxy so couldn't comment, the only reason why I don't have a roxy is it feels a bit too country in its design for me. If you have tried it on to see if it suits?
  4. From the weight point of view my preference would be for a choc Mabel as Roxy can be heavy.
    Have you tried a Roxy to see how you get on with it weight wise & design wise?
    Both bags are gorgeous though.
  5. Ah, found the Mabel purse in choc saddle. The leather is beautifully thick IRL, the bag looks gorgeous in it too!


  6. I always wanted a Roxy and every time I saw someone carrying one I'd admire it. I've tried the Roxy IRL though and, while lovely, it's too big, too boxy and too heavy for me. That doesn't stop me being tempted when I see one though! :rolleyes:

    Mabel on the other hand, is very lightweight (if you go for the antique leather, which btw does scuff but the marks blend well and the rain doesn't stain it!), is a great size, and you can fit loads in it without breaking your back while carrying it.
  7. It also depends what you will use it for. To go shopping for instance, Mabel would be better: easier to get into and not so heavy.
  8. I have 2 Roxy's but no Mabel (yet!).

    I think if weight is something that bothers you that you should go for the Mabel.

    The Roxy, in Darwin or Natural leather IS heavy especially when filled with stuff. Also, depending on your size, it can be difficult to put over the shoulder because the straps are not very long so if you are out for a day's shopping, it can get very heavy and make your arm ache.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Roxy's but I make sure that I don't have much stuff in mine if I'm going out for a long time.

    Size wise I think the Mabel and Roxy are very similar and they both have the same strap fastening so you'll be used to that anyway (I just let the other outside straps hang down the back of my bag rather than close them) its just the weight issue I think.
  9. I have a roxy(chocolate)and (red)mabel and would recommend the mabel, light weight, great shape, no straps which are difficult to close and looks fabulous.
  10. Roxy is a heavy bag
  11. that brown saddle leather of the purse is totally gorgeous - so i think i'll go for that as the Roxanne seems to be heavy - I think i'll have to get used to the fact that i'm not a roxanne girl - keep trying to convince myself that i need one, especially when i see others carrying it. thanks all for your comments - i'll keep a look out for the saddle in brown - anyone know where i can get one - they have gone from the mulberry website (not that i want to pay full price)?
  12. I saw a large at Boros yesterday reduced to £496 I think that was the price - but unfortunately it is the large size.

    If you give Boros a call, (they have a few stores) and see what they have in stock, they are having an up to 50% sale off but a lot of those are maggies, poppies etc, but did see mabels in there!
  13. thanks very much maple - sounds promising- i'm excited now. this is going to be my last bag until winter comes round again.?!!
  14. Completely agree with the above. I would love a roxy but I know it would be too heavy for me. Whenever I see people with all these heavy bags - roxanne, elgin, bays - I always want to ask them how they manage to carry them, feel like they know something I dont :nuts:
  15. Hi maple - thanks so much for this info - called Boros today and got a medium saddle in choc from the Sutton branch for £486!!!!! Really delighted and now thats it for 2009 - i'm all bagged out and really have everything i need - well i hope so anyway! A bit miffed how Mulberry put the price up on this bag a couple of weeks back from £583 to £683 - very naughty. Just for info - Mulberry Edinburgh seem to still be selling it at the reduced price - all very confusing. :yahoo: